5 Things To Look For While Selecting The Wedding Photographer

With photos and videos enchanting everyone especially with social media book, the role of wedding photographer gets all the more important. And why not? He is the key person to shoot the entire event and create deep memories for you which would be a treasure for you the whole lifetime.

He would be as vital as a make-up artist and you might not risk compromising on any front be it the professionalism or the budget. There could be several options like searching online or asking our closed ones especially friends or relatives. Whichever source you prefer, it’s important to understand certain aspects while you select the best wedd. Don’t be in a hurry, spend enough time in understanding and judging thoroughly and go for the one who reflects an instant wow factor with his creations.

1.Budget: It’s crucial to set the right photography budget as you might not want to hesitate in spending those extra bucks if you love and admire photography. Remember it’s once in a lifetime moment that needs to be captured with utmost elegance. You may not like money to be a stumbling block in your desire, do look for the various custom packages offered and try matching with the needs and set budget so you don’t compromise on the other planned activities.

2. Photographer’s Portfolio: Go deep in understanding the kind of weddings they have captured, their style and approach and see if it’s something that resonates with you. Ask them questions and understand how different they are in comparison to other vendors. Remember, social media is just one aspect, you may try their original capture even before the edits. Flexibility in approach is another key for better judgement.

3. Style of Photography: Make a collection of your favourite wedding photos and understand what appeals you the most. A vintage look, saturated colour or nostalgic feel. Ask them for several possible options, do your own homework to understand what’s trending and stole everybody’s heart. Spend enough time to analyse different pictures captured and judge the style accordingly.

4. Personality: Don’t just look at their wedding portfolio, research more on their social pages and understand their creativity, communication and user comments on their work. Speak to their clients to get deep understanding and look for genuine testimonials and views expressed across various platforms possible. Unless personality gets in sync with yours, there could be challenges ahead with the difference of viewpoints and outcomes.

5. Interview and Cost Finalization: Hold a couple of discussions with them, ensure they share their latest collections, understand who would exactly be present on the wedding day shoot and take the decision on final costing. Prepare a list of questionnaire and checklist so you are sure of including every possible thing. Look for the win-win situation to keep photographer and stakeholders happy, this way they would be able to happily deliver the result you wish for and you may not even be concerned or need lot of follow-ups on the grand event.