6 Best Yoga Classes in Nagpur

yoga classes in nagpur

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise that help alleviate back pain and improves strength, balance and flexibility. Yoga also benefits heart health and helps you stay relaxed with a better sleep cycle. With so many advantages to including yoga in your daily routine, one must feel motivated to do yoga at least for 1-2 hours daily. Once you include this in your routine, you experience the difference in your lifestyle and gain much more positivity.

We consulted several yoga institutes in Nagpur and compiled the below list so you could have a ready start for practising yoga.

  1. M Yoga Studio

Located in the heart of east Nagpur in Nandanvan, M Yoga studio is amongst the most preferable yoga options for people. It makes available the different techniques of yoga to everyone that helps in reconnecting your mind, body and soul. It’s budget-friendly and covers multiple morning batches including outdoor activities. Ms Priyanka, a founding member of this institute is a certified Yoga trainer, and she offers friendly yoga sessions that are dedicated to kids, adults and senior citizens. They charge ₹1500 per month and for 3 months the fee is ₹3500, plus they have discounted annual packages.

Below are some of the key highlights which would help you convince why this yoga studio is popular in Nagpur.

  • Multiple teachers that are internationally certified by the Yoga alliance.
  • Student Discount.
  • Pre and Post-Natal yoga (garbhasanskara).
  • Ayurveda-based dietician.
  • Dedicated batches for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.
  • Special sessions on meditation and pranayama.
  • Beginner-friendly online sessions.

For Free demo yoga session, you can visit their training center or connect with them on +91-77091-77736.

2. Yog Sanskar (Naturopathy Yog Centre)

This centre is located at Professor Colony, Hanuman Nagar, Nagpur and they aim to provide relief to people suffering from chronic illness or to people who want to lead a stress-free life.

Below are the key highlights of this training center.

  • All treatment is provided through yoga or naturopathy
  • Provides online classes and on-site classes
  • Experienced teachers in Yoga – Naturopathy practises
  • Offers therapy – sleep, fasting, herbal oil, mud therapy
  • Other facilities – Acupressure, enema, immersion bath, abdominal pack, chest pack and thermoleum
  • Provides diet plans

For more information, you can visit their center or connect with them on +91-93715 38645.

3. Soulish by Ishani Yoga Therapy

Soulish is located at Hilltop Layout in Ram Nagar. They specialize in physical health issues and mental health wellness. 

Below are some of the key highlights of this institute.

  • A certified yoga teacher and a certified therapist
  • Covers prenatal and postnatal yoga
  • Price for one-month ₹1500 for 3 classes a week – complete physical and mental wellness
  • Price for prenatal yoga ₹2500 for 3 classes a week – safe and holistic yoga classes for expectant mothers
  • Focuses on women’s health
  • Offers remedy for people having anxiety issues

 For more information, you can visit their center or connect with them on +91-97653 81658.

4. Dr. Priti Bhongle Yoga Classes

Located near KDK college, Nandanvan, the aim of this institute is to cater to the health and well-being of women.

Below are some of the highlights.

  • Provides scientific yoga
  • Offers relief from depression, anxiety and stress
  • Health concerns like thyroid, BP, Obesity are their main focus
  • Treatment to improve skin conditions such as pigmentation, black circles, acne provided.
  • Weight loss and weight gain

For more information, you can visit their center or connect with them on +91- 82378 84456.

5. Vijayan’s Yoga

It is located at Dharampeth, Nagpur and they aim at changing lives and communities by offering affordable yoga to everyone that wants to practice yoga.

Why they are special?

  • Provide safe supportive space for families and friends
  • Surrounded by a positive environment to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.
  • Offers special motivation through spiritual counseling for people with life issues and concerns
  • Mainly suitable for people who want to overcome bad habits, short-tempered, relationship failure, lack of love and understanding with family members.

For more information, you can visit their center or connect with them on +91-94224 39804.

6. Institute of Naturopathy Science

Located at Nandanvan Road, Nagpur, many locals trust this place as the practitioner holds qualification in NDB Medicine.

Below information would confirm to you their popularity.

  • Provides services like acupressure, acupuncture and naturopathy
  • Offering care and guidance in every session
  • Easily accessible

For more information, you can visit their center or connect with them on +91-90966 07027.


If you are new to the practice of Yoga, we suggest you take up a class at these training institutes and see for yourself, the health and mental benefits yoga has to offer you without having to go to the gym. The list compiled for the people of Nagpur would help and encourage them enough to visit and ask these centers for a free demo session and other information that they may need. We assure you Yoga is the best remedy for a stress-free and healthy life and once you practice under the guidance of an expert yoga trainer, you realise the difference.