6 Key Benefits of AI in Digital Marketing

ai in digital marketing

The world is completely undergoing the AI (artificial intelligence) revolution that has started transforming how we perceive the new digital marketing era. With the new technologies coming in, AI can optimize many different marketing tasks, improve customer experiences and boost conversions. Although AI is fairly expensive for most of the growing companies, investing in it is advantageous in the long run. Let’s look at some of the benefits that will explain why AI is here to stay.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEOs have taken over the search terms in e-commerce websites as well as on Google search terms. As the search algorithms are being updated often, integrating AI into these search words will help in detecting misspellings and suggesting alternatives to search keywords. For example, on Google, we often see “did you mean..” based on past browser history or search behavior. By doing so, the system will pick up customer behavior which will allow companies to analyze what keywords will work well and increase search results. This would result in a smooth customer experience. Another significant add-on to the AI experience is voice recognition. With the introduction of SIRI, Google Assistant and Alexa, this aspect of the technology is set to grow as people use voice to search nearby restaurants or find out the existing weather situation. Therefore, by implementing AI, it can determine various speech patterns and automatically improve them.

Bots and AI chats

While visiting a website, we have noticed pop-up chats asking if you require assistance with navigation or any questions that you might have to make your visit easy and user-friendly. Customers can chat at any time and can expect quick responses rather than contacting help support to have a human help them with their queries. We see that chats have become convenient; people tend to be more comfortable chatting rather than making a call for assistance. By implementing this feature, companies can save time and resources than having to answer common customer issues repetitively. These chatbots can be programmed to answer common questions by uploading keywords and algorithms to provide the closest answers or even direct the chat to a human representative when questions become too complex to answer. Chatbots are cost-effective and unlike humans, they can always provide pleasant responses by being polite, positive and engaging.

Improved Personalization

Gone are the days when personalization meant targeting a group of individuals through email marketing or media advertising who may or may not lead to a returning customer. Nowadays, customers are more interested in personalized content targeted individually. AI allows for brands to automatically sync customers’ past browsing or shopping history and recommend related products/articles that will be useful to them. For example, if you purchase a mattress, Amazon will recommend bedsheets, comforters, duvet, pillows etc. Another improvement in this technology is providing tailored messages based on customer location, demographics or interests. Have you wondered while walking around a street, you sometimes get an ad on your mobile phone saying “buy this drink and you will receive another drink for free”? This is called Location-based marketing where brands target people in nearby locations and once detected the message is instantly sent to their mobile phones luring them to come to visit the store. This allows brands to receive recognition and also results in sales conversion.

Content Creation

With the rise of Digitalization, we have come to see various types of innovative content especially when topics are trending, it becomes a hassle to quickly jump onto the bandwagon and create interesting content. This is where AI can assist with generating new content by using unique words, picking up on the latest news and creating auto-generated articles that are quick and easier to publish than waiting on humans to research and type them from scratch. Social Media influencers have become the new generation and to stay on top of creating and posting content to their pages, it sometimes can become difficult to manually post at a certain time and place. With AI, influencers or brands can schedule posts ahead of time and allow artificial intelligence to produce captions and hashtags to post content to their page.

Companies can save time and always be up to date with trends and provide their followers with refreshing and engaging content.

Machine Learning & Advertising

AI is quick to learn customer patterns through analysis and patterns in data suggesting what customers would like to see and what they would likely purchase. By using machine learning, AI can research the industry for you by identifying industry trends and collecting data from various social media accounts, online reviews or even websites. With this data, companies will be able to create unique AI marketing strategies to target customers and show them relevant ads that will cater to the needs of their current customers as well as reach potential ones.

Improves ROI

Customer likes and preferences are often changing; companies find it difficult sometimes to quickly adapt to new changes. However, with the help of AI, it can detect customer likes and wants and anticipate trends that could provide higher returns. When you identify these trends and buying behaviour, you can personalize and send highly targeted marketing messages that would optimize sales conversion. AI will allow you to automatically deliver marketing messages to the right audience at the right time and the right place. You will be able to concentrate on high-potential customers which will give you increased sales and customer retention. It saves time instead of manually reaching out to leads and targeting them.


With companies relying extensively on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology, it is recommended to adapt to the possibilities of AI in marketing. AI can get complex in the beginning, however, as and when it is implemented, it gets user-friendly and take your business ahead of the competitors. Smaller steps towards implementing AI and reaping the benefits out of it permits success in the longer run.