6 Types Of Popular Indian Sarees

Indian saree

Tell me a better love story than Indian women and sarees. I bet you can’t. It’s right when people call it six yards of grace. It’s a magnificent piece of clothing bestowed to the world by India. No wonder foreigners have lovingly embraced it. So now let’s dive into the world of sarees and explore more about traditional Indian sarees.

Banarasi saree: Banaras, one of the oldest living cities in the world, is not just known for its holy sites. It is also known for its equally divinely silk sarees. What are some great products India has offered to the outside world? Zero, satyagraha and Banaras silk sarees. A hand-loomed piece of poetry would be an understatement. These sarees are characterized by their first-class silk, gold or silver zari, and luxuriant embroidery. A little heavy owing to the opulent embroidery, we call it a ‘sweet burden’.

Common patterns include florals, foliate motifs, and ‘jhallar’. Weddings and Benares silk sarees are a match made in heaven. The bride, bridesmaids, and every woman young and old can adorn this saree and become queens and princesses. The heavy embroidery saree with heavy jewelry and gajra is your dream wedding look.

Kanchipuram saree: Kanchipuram, a humble district in thestate of Tamil Nadu is talked about by the entire world. For what? The exquisite and immensely pretty silk sarees they have to offer. It speaks of sheer elegance along its full length and breadth. Its unparalleled quality is what makes it world standard. Finely hand woven and crafted by the local weavers, it is the finest example of the expertise and craftsmanship of the Indian weavers.

Weavers play with both mild and vibrant colors for the fabric and the most common patterns used are that of birds, animals, flowers, and checks. Perplexed about why to wear to weddings or festivities, when in doubt always choose a Kanchipuram saree. Every South Indian bride imagines herself in this gorgeous saree type before she even thinks about the groom. The contrasting borders are its outstanding feature besides its unmistakable quality. Wear a Kanchipuram silk saree with jasmine flowers in your hair and watch men fall right in love with you.

Kasavu saree: Kasavu saree is one of the remarkable contributions, God’s own country has made. This iconic white saree is woven out of a mixture of cotton and silk. It is mostly available in only two colors: white or off-white with threaded golden borders. It is usually paired with a green, red, or golden blouse. Its soft and lustrous material makes it unique.

These sarees are regarded as auspicious and are worn by women during festivities. Kerala women wearing a Kasavu saree and dancing around the ‘kolam’ during Onam are such a sight to watch. You don’t need wings to become an angel just drape a Kasavu saree.

Georgette saree: Want to give away a stylish chic look? Then georgette sarees are your go-to. Georgette is named after the famous French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante. A thin, lightweight fabric made from twisted yarns, this fabric is best suited for making sarees, party gowns, and dresses.

Designers experiment with various color palettes and bold and contemporary designs. Embroidered, printed, woven, sequinned, and satin are a few of the ocean of varieties it has to offer. It’s the saree of contemporary Indian women: bold, fashionable, and sophisticated. The saree looks like a canvas of an abstract painting. And we who adorn it become an art.

Crepe saree: Soft and comfortable is its adjectives. Fashioned out of polyester, wool, or hard spun silk, it has a crimpy or wavy texture. These are the ideal choice for everyday use. It follows the trend of minimalist fashion. It’s the ideal pick for a casual get-together, shopping, and a movie with friends. Satin crepe sarees can be worn to work as they give a polished and professional look. Accessorize it with a belt, a choker, and statement earrings to get a dashing diva look. If you want to be termed as the unique and stunning woman of the group, kill for this saree.

Cotton saree: Indian summers becoming unbearable right? We got you. Cotton sarees are the perfect choice for scorching summers. They are soft and cost-effective. A simple and presentable work look would be a cotton saree with minimal jewelry and a handbag. It is always easy and convenient to drape, unlike a few sarees. A variety of cotton sarees like IKAT, Sambhalpuri, Jamdani, Ajrak, Kanchi cotton, Chanderi, etc are available at your disposal. Men may come and men may go, but cotton sarees will never go (out of fashion)

We are suing any woman who does not have a saree in her wardrobe. Just kidding, no regrets. Go grab a saree, adorn it, admire your beautiful self, and thank us later. With that note, we are signing off for today.

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