7 Healing Chakras for Holistic Lifestyle And Their Effects

An ancient energy system that originated in India and first mentioned in the Vedas, an ancient sacred text of spiritual knowledge. Experience the power of vibrations in every cell of your body leading to freedom from abundance blocks, pains and emotional baggage. Learn these ancient healing techniques and start living your dream life.

There are several major chakras that run along your spin:

1. Muladhara (root chakra)

The first chakra is located in the base of the spine in the tailbone area between the anus and genitals. It is connected with the coccyx and opens downward. It connects us to the physical world and lets the earthly energy enter our system when it is open. We fully accept life on earth and enjoy the physical existence it provides. We act in harmony with the earthly forces and we learn from them. It also provides us with the necessary energy for creative self-expression and leads us the power to achieve ours sexually as a physical function.

The root chakra is the source of the life force and forms the vital foundation for all the higher chakras. Here, the inexhaustible supply of kundalini energy is awakened. The Sushumna, Ida and pin gala (the three main energy channels of the human body) begin in these chakras.

The root chakra is the true seat of the collective unconscious through this chakra. The stored knowledge of the collective unconscious becomes accessible. This chakra should always function in harmony with the seven chakras to maintain our inner balance.

Harmonious functioning

If your root chakra is open and functioning harmoniously, you will experience a deep, personal relationship with the earth and early life forms nature. You are rooted in life and your life is filled with satisfaction, stability and inner strength. Your actions are guided by the desire to be creatively active in shipping life on planet earth. It provides you with all your physical, psychological and emotional needs. You are truly grateful for life on earth.

 Disharmonious functioning

If your root chakra is unbalanced or malfunctioning, your action revolves around satisfying your personal needs and you unconsciously overlook or ignore the needs of other’s as well as your own (i.e. good health, sufficient rest) life.

In the extreme, if you are challenged by people or situations, you become easily irritated, upset, and aggressive and you may tend to violently enforce your will upon others. A lot of things in life worry you. You are filled with the feeling of uncertainty. You lack the power to achieve.

2. Svadhishthana (Sacral Chakras)

The second chakra is located in the lower abdomen about 2 inches below the navel. It is connected with the sacrum and open toward the front. We fertilize and receive the energies that permeate all of nature through the sacral chakra. The male reproductive organs as well as the impulse to procreate new life are influenced by this chakra.

Water cleanses and purifies. It dissolves and washes away the blockage that abstracts its vital flow. Albeit the kidneys and bladder accomplish this on the physical plane. On the spiritual plan, the cleansing and purification process manifests itself in the form of free-flowing feeling.

Harmonious functioning

An open harmoniously functioning sacral chakra allows you to open yourself towards other, especially the opposite sex. You are sexual union with your lover (partner) blossoms into the dance of creation. You feel the flow of male and female energies streaming through your body soul and mind.

Disharmonious functioning

In most cases, inadequate functioning of the sacral chakra can be traced back to childhood and infancy.

Life in this light seems dreary and you may feel life is not worth living. This feeling often amplifies teenager’s tendencies to commit suicide.

3. Manipura (Solar plexus chakras)

The third chakra is located in the upper abdomen in the stomach area. Its functions are highly complex. It represents our sun and our power centre. We absorb the solar energy through the solar plexus, which nurtures our ethereal body, energizing and maintaining our physical body. Also, our emotional energy radiates from here.

The most important task of the solar plexus chakra is to purify the desire and wishes of the lower chakra (Sacral and root) to consciously control and use the creative energy of this lower chakra and allowed the spiritual higher chakra to manifest in the material world is greatest possible fulfilment. 

The solar plexus is directly connected to our astral (emotional) body, which is the centre of our wishes and desires. If we accept and integrate our feelings, wishes and experiences in our lives. This will help our solar plexus relax and open up. These increasing our inner light and illuminating our situation in life.

Harmonious functioning

You feel peace and inner harmony with yourself, life in general and your place in the world. You have accepted yourself completely and you respect the feelings and characters traits of others. You also accept your feelings, wishes and experience are integrated in such a way that they lead to a wall and wholeness of being.

Disharmonious functioning

Your true emotion is all blocked. Therefore, you are unable to express them. You get upset easily your irritation and agitation are an expression of all the anger you have swallowed over a long period. You feel dejected and discouraged. You see obstacles everywhere, you believe this abstract are preventing you from fulfilling your desire.

When faced with a difficult situation, you may feel queasy and uncertain or you may get so nervous. Your action becomes haphazard and disorganized. You want to hide from and avoid all-new challenges in life. Your perception of life is not good. You see unhappy endings everywhere.

4. Anahata (Heart chakras)

The fourth chakra is located in the centre of the chest just above the heart. It is the centre of the entire chakra system and connects the Lower (physical and emotional centres) to the three HIGHER (mental and spiritual centres).

The heart chakra is very important. With the heart chakra we find the capability to empathize and sympathize with others. We attune ourselves to the cosmic vibrations and perceive the beauty in nature, music visual arts and poetry.

All yearning for deep intimate contact, oneness, harmony, love, even sorrow, pain, fear of separation or loss of love is expressed through the heart chakra. When completely opened, it is from the centre of true unconditional love. When this “unconditional” love is connected with the higher chakras, it transforms itself into Bhakti, the Divine love, which guides us to unity with this divine heart of all things in the universe.

All our experiences, wishes and emotions have a much deeper sense and purpose, which guide us to a loving acceptance that all feelings and expressions of life originate from the longing for love.

 Harmonious functioning

 These wondrous energies open the hearts of the people around you inspiring confidence and creating joy among them.

A great compare compassion and willingness to help others comes perfectly natural to you. You are motivated by the joy of giving and do not accept to gain anything in return your heart is in everything you do. You “unconditionally” love it all!

Disharmonious functioning

If your heart chakra is completely closed, you will express coldness, indifference or even “heartlessness”. You are completely out of balance and suffer from depression, sadness and unhappiness is a way of life for you.

5. Vishuddha (Throat Chakras)

The fifth chakra (throat chakra) is located between the neck and larynx beginning at the cervical vertebra. It starts at the cervical vertebra and opens towards the front. It is the centre of the human capacity of expression communication and inspiration and is connected to a smaller secondary chakra which has its seat in the neck and opens to the back. Since they are so closely linked and they are integrated as the throat chakra.

We communicate our inner life through the spoken word, as well as through gesture and creative forms of expression (i.e. music, the performing arts, dancing etc) 

 The sacral chakras and the throat chakra link with energies of the other chakras into an etheric form that is communicated to the outside world.

Harmonious functioning

 When the throat chakra is completely open, you’re feeling thoughts and inner knowledge are expressed freely and without fear, you express your inner honesty towards yourself and others by your upright posture.

Disharmonious functioning

 If the energies in your throat chakra are blocked or closed, then the communication link between your mind and body will be blocked. Either you find it difficult to reflect upon your feelings and you express your unresolved emotions in thoughtless actions or you may hide inside your intellect and deny your emotions a right to live and be heard.

6. Ajna (Third eye chakra)

The 6th chakra is also called Brow chakra. This is located a finger breath above the bridge of the nose in the centre of the forehead and open to the front. The third eye chakra is also associated with the pituitary gland. Here, conscious perception of being takes place. It is the seat of our higher mental power on the physical plane. It is the highest centre of command for the central nervous system.

Every realization in our lives begins with a thought and a projected image. By our mental power, we are connected with the process of manifestation via the third eye. It is important to understand that all knowledge manifested in Creation already exists. 

 The third eye is the seat of consciousness attainment. Herein we can manifest matter and dematerialize it. We can create new realities and dissolve old ones. For the most part, this is an automatic process that takes place with any conscious action on our part.

 Harmonious functioning

 If you are developing your third eye completely, you will pursue the world in a new light. Your thinking will be holographic you will perceive and spontaneously integrate the information from different spheres of creation into your growing capability of all consciousness/awareness.

Disharmonious functioning

Your life is dominated by materialistic desire and physical needs without emotional consideration. You find spiritual reflection and discussion a strain and waste of time. You view spiritual truths as senseless dreaming without any practical use your thought is strictly aligned with the conventional lines of societal thoughts.

7. Sahasrara (Crown chakras)

The 7th chakra (crown chakra) is located in the middle of the head and opens upward. The chakra is also associated with the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of the head between the ears. The crown chakra is often represented in religious paintings as a halo above the head. Its predominant color is violet but it grows in all the colors of the rainbow.

The crown chakra unites in itself all the energies of the lower chakra centres. It is the source of energy for all other chakras. Here we started our journey into the life and at the end of our development; this is where we will return. When the crown chakra is completely awakened, it ceases to absorb the cosmic energies and start to radiate its own energy.

Harmonious functioning

 When the crown chakra begins to open, your consciousness will become completely calm and open. You will experience your real self and realize that yourself is part of the omnipresent pure being that is contained in all matter.

 As you develop your crown chakra, this moment will occur more frequently. When your self is ready for this final step of enlightenment, you will know one day you will feel as if you have just awakened from a long dream of illusion and for the first time you see the real beauty of life.

Disharmonious functioning

 The crown chakra, any blockages that may remain in the lower six chakra dissolve and energy will begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies, each chakra working at its own level as a mirror of the divine being.

Key Takeaway

Attract money and wealth, rewind your mind and brain, access to altered state of consciousness, deep relaxation and rejuvenation, transform your life with abundance in not only finances but career, health and relationships as well.

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