Awesome Ideas To Plan A Pre-Wedding Shoot

prewedding photoshoot

Pre-wedding photography is extremely valuable and practical because it captures a variety of occasions and serves as a lovely keepsake for the rest of your life. 

Pre-wedding photo shoots were once an extravagance only afforded to a select few couples, but as more people recognize the importance of documenting special moments before tying the knot for life, they have become a top priority before the big day.

Dos and don’ts for pre-wedding photography

  1. Do choose a concept that reflects your distinct personality

There’s nothing wrong with some couples simply following the crowd. However, the best engagement photos, in our opinion, show you as a couple and reflect your personality.

 If you and your partner enjoy hiking, a mountain may be the ideal location for your wedding photos.

2. Do Choose an appropriate time and arrive as soon as possible

Because the photographer will need time to edit the photos, the pre-wedding session should not be scheduled too close to your wedding day. 

You should discuss the shoot’s timing with your photographer. They are aware of the best time of day to achieve the desired ambient light and tone. Wedding Diaries By OMP also provide the service of wedding and prewedding shoots. 

3. Do bring any additional items you might need

There might be a lot of travelling between action sequences during the pre-wedding shoot. In order to prevent contusions and lesions from all the walking, brides must wear flat, sensible shoes. 

You could indeed put on your attractive stiletto heels when it’s time to strike a pose.

Keep the weather in mind; for an exterior shoot, trying to bring sunblock or parasols will cause you a lot of difficulties. 

In case you need them, keep a small needle and thread, hair clips, and other necessary items nearby.

4. Don’t go for a strikingly different appearance

Some couples might make a last-minute decision to change their appearance or opt for an expensive wedding gown. 

You’ll feel out of character if you make a sudden change to your hair colour or style, and you won’t be happy with the pre-wedding pictures that result. 

Instead, be genuine and confident that your photograph will capture the two of you at your most sincere.

5. Don’t forget to take care of your health

You’ll require a lot of energy on the day of your shooting. Don’t believe that skipping meals will help you lose weight before and on the day of the shoot. The same is true of drinking water; you’ll appear lifeless and ill if you don’t.

6. Don’t ignore requests from your partner

This is something that brides frequently forget. Although he may not discuss it much, your man may have some reservations about formal photos. 

Always get his approval, and if there’s ever an issue, talk about it to resolve it. Nothing is 

Debating the concept and idea of the entire shoot with your partner is worse than that.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are currently the most extravagant and lucrative photo shoots ever because the bride and groom regard them as the most enjoyable parts of the wedding. 

You must constantly be focused on your attire. Similar to this, planning your outfit for the big shoot in advance will make you more organized and laid-back. Our pre-wedding outfit recommendations can be easily adapted to any location you decide to go.

You’ll be amazed by these outfit suggestions.

  • Totally black attire

Whatever the occasion, black is a striking colour that speaks volumes. If you want to go bold with plenty of embellishments and decorating, black is a terrific choice.

Similarly, because of how black functions as a base for your apparel, the bride-to-regal option would undoubtedly be sarees or a gown. 

A stunning, comprehensive tuxedo can never go wrong when it comes to designing a special effort. The most important fact is that wearing all-black will improve your wardrobe game.

  • A subdued Indian appearance

Lehenga-sherwani combinations are being introduced here, just like the conventional saree-veshti combination. Both ethnic clothing options are stylish. We have a lot of leeways to select a vibrant colour scheme that might not match if you have intentions to photograph in serene settings like a deserted beach. 

With the aid of understated backgrounds, you will nonetheless make a statement as a pair, glowing with incredible chemistry. Lehengas and sherwanis are therefore ideal for enjoying your shoot to the fullest.

  • Couple T-shirts  

Couple shirts are becoming a hot topic among couples. You have more control over the selection process because you can customize them to your own preferences as well. Using these t-shirts for a pre-wedding photoshoot does not appear childish. They actually seem incredibly enjoyable and wonderful. 

  • Floral kurta

Kurtas with floral prints have been seen at numerous wedding-related events. The flowery kurta is significant since it adds style and, most importantly, beauty to your pre-wedding photos. 

It astounds your admirers, and you will receive endless compliments. The latest trend is to follow it, so this clothing suggestion must be taken into account. Your partner’s floral saree or gown can be paired with your floral kurta to create an exquisite look.

  • Formal robes

This is an option that can improve your appearance and is comparatively safe. Although formals shouldn’t typically take place at pre-wedding photo sessions, they occasionally do. You can’t go wrong with this one because both the bride and the groom will look dashing in their respective attires. The main deciding factors are the venue you choose, its beauty, and how the couple appears in relation to the scene of the pre-wedding shoot.

  • Street style look

A common trend among many young people, street style offers an exquisite image. Street styling is absolutely distinctive for your wedding shoot. 

If you really like it, you should use it for your pre-wedding shoot because it will stay in your memory and also seem different. 

Fashion that is believed to have originated from streetwear rather than studios is recognized as street fashion. This style has a target niche.

By this stage, you may have a general idea of how Indian men and women should dress for a pre-wedding shoot. Even if the planning is exhausting, remember how special this will be for you and your better half. 

In the thick of wedding preparations, guests, and bustle, it is easy to lose sight of one’s personal needs. 

However, any loving couple embarking on their journey should have a pre-wedding photoshoot because what you wear will be preserved forever! So, plan ahead of time and choose your dress based on the location of your nuptial photo shoot.