Best 6 Simple Effective Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth!

Whiten Teeth

Want to get rid of yellow teeth? But the teeth whitening treatments cost sky-touching? The yellow tooth is an obstruction between you and your perfect, confident smile.

The teeth whitening treatments have been quite popular in the United States since 2015. The Americans spent a lot of money on teeth whitening treatments as well as for buying teeth whitening products too.

The Indians have recently started embracing teeth whitening now.

A lot of these teeth whitening products are now available in the market. But maximum of these products use bleach for whitening is a matter of concern to many.

Getting teeth whitening treatment done at the best dental clinic is a good option. If you want to cut on the expenses and still get pearly white teeth, this article is a must-read for you as it lists down simple and natural home remedies that can help you achieve white teeth with less pressure on the pocket and bearing less pain too.

Teeth Whitening

1. Use of baking soda :

Baking soda has natural whitening properties and hence can work wonders for your teeth. But be cautious with the use of baking soda as use in excess can erode your tooth enamel. Mix a little water with one spoon of baking soda and pour it above your toothbrush. Also, you can apply this paste with your fingers and leave for a minute and rinse. Baking soda also creates alkaline in your mouth that restricts the growth of bacteria. This won’t give a result instantly but, using it over time can give effective results.

2. Oil pulling :

Oil pulling is an ancient traditional method of maintaining oral hygiene and remove toxins from the body. Our grandparents taught us but, many of us don’t follow this. The method includes swishing oil in your mouth for 15-20 mins. It prevents bacteria from growing inside your mouth that results in plaque resulting in yellowing of teeth. Earlier Indians used sesame oil or sunflower oil to practice this method, but any oil can be used. People now mainly prefer coconut oil as it tastes better and includes other health benefits too. Oil pulling is also beneficial to prevent gingivitis. After the pulling, make sure you spit the coconut oil in a trash can or into the toilet as it may turn into solid form and become a clog.

As coconut oil is free from any chemical, this method is extremely safe for teeth cleaning and whitening, unlike other chemical products.

3. Use of fruit peel :

The peels of oranges and bananas are rich in magnesium, manganese, and potassium that enrich and recharge the teeth’ enamel. These fruits are easily available in the market, and hence this method is extremely pocket-friendly for teeth whitening. Use this method at least twice a week to achieve effective results.

4. Intake of fruits and vegetables :

Fruits and vegetables are good for both your body and teeth. So a diet enriching these two can also work wonders for whitening your teeth. Fruits like apple, carrot, strawberry, and pineapple are crunchy and hence consuming them helps in rubbing away the plaque as you chew them.

A mixture of strawberry and baking soda is a natural remedy for teeth whitening as strawberry contains malic acid that removes discoloration of teeth and baking soda removes the stains from teeth. These two things produce very little color change in teeth compared to other whitening products.

Similarly, pineapple contains bromelain an enzyme that effectively removes tooth stains.

Also, consumption of dairy products can increase ph levels and re-mineralize the teeth’ enamel, which gives a stunning glazing shine to teeth.

Thus you can pave the way to teeth whitening by eating healthy.

5. Apple cider vinegar :

Apple cider vinegar is another magical ingredient that can help you get pearly whites. All you need to do is take some apple cider vinegar and rub it on your teeth nicely and then rinse it off. Doing this at least 3-4 times a week can give you some sparkling white teeth. A religious following of this method can help you to a great extent to get that shiny white smile.

6. Proper brushing and flossing :

Tooth discoloration is a process that naturally comes with age. But what mainly leads to discoloration is the buildup of plaque in the mouth. With proper brushing and flossing, it is possible to maintain white teeth and restrict the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause plaque to build up.

According to the best dentist in Nagpur, brushing twice a day for 2 minutes can help you maintain white teeth as toothpaste gently rubs out stains on your teeth, whereas flossing can help cleanse out bacteria that tend to grow between teeth and result in plaque formation.

A lot of Indians don’t take flossing seriously, but now is the time that they should understand the importance of flossing and make it a daily habit to do so. Flossing improves all stains over time, and especially the ones that are in between the teeth.


A lot of natural remedies are available for teeth whitening. A maximum of these home remedies works on the minor discoloration of the tooth.

Also, you can consult the best dentist in Nagpur, for severe discoloration of teeth. Dentists provide very effective teeth whitening treatments that involve bleaching of teeth.

It is advisable to always check with your dentists before you adopt any treatment.