Different Types of Bras Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Types of bras

As per the survey, 65% of women wear the wrong bra. That’s quite surprising and with a variety of options available for different bust sizes, it’s important to wear the right size, style and the one that completely gets in sync with your body. The irony is even when some women are aware of the fact, they still land up wearing the incorrect type. Also, it does not become a necessity to just prefer a single one, this is because the many outfits in our wardrobe serve a particular purpose. 

In case you are in the habit of staying in a bra-free zone especially at your home, think twice as you could be in trouble. Scientifically, it has been proved that wearing a bra is good for health as it prevents sagging and provide needed support to breasts. Now the question arises on the right fit, here’s where every woman should be aware of a variety of bra styles available and thereby select the correct one that fits and goes with their outfit.

Basically, bras can be categorized into 4 types based on their manufacturing design. These include padded, non-padded, wired and non-wired. Based on neckline shape, it can be categorized into sweetheart neckline, balconette style or plunge. Finally, when it comes to coverage, there are demi-cups and those offering full coverage. 

Let’s now have a look at different kinds of bras available in the market.

1. Sports bra

While playing sports or getting into intense sports activities, regular ones can’t offer the required support. That’s where sports bras, specially designed for these activities, are useful. These padded ones absorb the sweat and get dried easily. Pay attention to basic things like cups, bands and straps. Low, medium and high impact types are available based on the kind of activity. The low impact would make sense for yoga, walking, etc., a medium could be useful while cycling, dancing, zumba and high impact would be for running, aerobics, gym.

2. Strapless

As obvious, this bra is worn without straps, the underwired cups and silicon lining provides the support and prevents it from slipping down. These could be well chosen for occasions on partying and outing and could go well with off-shoulder tops, tube dresses. With this type of bra, remember to have your dress slightly loose near the chest and tight near the waist.

3. Lace 

Best suited for a honeymoon or special night, these are some of the sexiest styles available. Exquisite lace fabric lets you be in full swing to enjoy every moment and seek pleasure. They can support in your romantic moments and goes well with a night outfit. 

4. Padded

Available in underwired and non-wired styles, these are crafted with padded cups and give a seam-free look. They can help with a smooth and glossy look and are the best option while you are concerned with hiding nipples. The best thing is these can go on all occasions with all outfits

5. Bralette

These come with little or no padding, have a slip-on style and come with lace or other soft materials. Their main focus is on comfort and style. Mostly preferred with see-through dresses and backless or crop tops and are suitable for party occasions.

6. Balconette

Also known as balcony bras, they offer small coverage and so are best suited for small or medium busts. These fit well with broad necklines and go with sarees, salwar suits and wide neck tops. Suitable for weddings and parties, they project a natural look for cleavage. 

7. Push-up

They usually have underwired cups, and can properly support your breasts, make them closer and can prominently project a cleavage. One of the most popular types of bras, these can go well with low neckline outfits and can be suited for occasional parties. With the variety of designs available in all sizes, these can be preferred by both small and bigger bust sizes.

8. T-shirt bra

These are slightly padded and come with a smooth finish and moulded protection. These can go well for all occasions and are suited well for body-hugging dresses or t-shirts. This bra is a must-have for every woman and ideally recommended to make this a part of your wardrobe. 

9. Halter

Halter bras possess a single strap that goes well around a neck and ties at the back. Convertible bras can easily be styled into a halter one. These can go well with strapless, tube or tank tops and are suited for party occasions or outings. 

10. Racerback

As the name suggests, these go well with a racerback dress or tank tops. Best suited for workouts, these bras offer comfort and make you feel lighter on the backside. Straps here are around the collarbone unlike regular ones on arms.


With the detailed guidance on the type of bras and their utility as per the occasion and outfit, you will now find it much easier to select the right one. After all, wearing the wrong one can be discomfort as well as it could disturb the whole look of your outfit. In your preferred choice, remember that maximum coverage, comfort and support are the key. So ideally, the bra type that goes in proportion to your breast size, body and outfit is what you should pick. 

Here are some quick tips to get started

  • Determine your band size
  • Measure the bust size
  • Calculate cup size