DIY Exercises At Home To Build A Flexible Body

An unhealthy lifestyle and stress is the biggest reason for deteriorating health these days. In such a situation, it becomes extremely important to follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercising regularly makes you active in body and mind, and improves your capacity to perform tasks with much eagerness, enthusiasm and zeal. You need not go anywhere and spend time in travel, rather there are certain exercises you can perform right at your home and it will make a similar impact as going to a fitness centre. And the best part is you don’t need hours but a couple of minutes to complete this routine. No particular time is recommended but usually, morning time is considered ideal to inculcate the freshness and active state of mind.

Following a strict schedule without any excuse keeps every part of the body healthy and strong. It improves your blood circulation and lightens up your strength to perform additional tasks with much vigour. In this run-of-the-mill life, we do not get time to keep our bodies fit and we often find it difficult to go to the gym consistently. The key is regularity and passion to make our bodies fit and active all the time. After all, developing a strong personality is the dream of every individual and efforts must be to move in the desired direction. 

You can search for good exercise videos online to get motivation. Follow and make fitness enthusiasts your ideal, look at the tips they give and replicate.

Here are some DIY exercises for you to perform comfortably at home.

1. Skipping               

Jumping rope is an exercise that activates several parts of the body instantly. While performing this activity, the majority of parts and senses work together that including your wrists, feet, toes, shoulders, thighs. You can do this exercise on the terrace, courtyard, street or park anywhere you wish. Skipping also reduces the body fat rapidly and strengthens the shoulders and arms along with your legs. 

Benefits: Improve heart health, helps to burn calories, improve stamina, pulmonary improvement and improve bone density as well.

2. Push-Ups              

Pushups are a type of functional exercise that activates muscles throughout the body. When we do pushups, our core strength is activated and we can feel that power in our muscles. Many muscles are activated simultaneously which increases the working capacity of our body and we get the stimulus to perform even complex physical tasks with ease. This exercise may look easy, but it’s quite difficult to do it and you need internal and external motivation to do it regularly. This exercise targets your chest, shoulders, triceps, core and legs. Pushups strengthen the abs, shoulders, chest and triceps. This is one of the best exercises for the upper body.

Benefits: It strengthens the bones, improves posture, increases testosterone, aids in weight loss, and builds muscle capacity. 

3. Dips 

Chest dips exercise develops chest muscles and increases strength and power. More than one muscle is involved in this exercise. Therefore, a lot of tension is created on the shoulders and triceps. In this exercise, you can add weight according to your capacity, due to which additional stretching gets developed. You can use a study table, table, bench or chair to hit good dips. You can also take support of a wall or boundary that is 1-2 feet high from the ground floor. In the beginning, you can opt for three sets of 15-20 dips. By doing dips, your muscles gain mass quickly. You can also include squats and leg presses in your daily routine for more movement. Most of the exercises done in the gym work on the same body part, but dips are such an exercise that works on your whole body.

4. Jumping Jacks 

Jumping jacks are considered the best in cardio exercise. It has many benefits such as it strengthening the heart and muscles, helping in reducing weight and also strengthening bones. It also helps to relieve stress, improve mood and even increase stamina. Jumping jacks are aerobic cardio exercises, which means you use oxygen to meet energy demands and stimulate the heart muscles. The heart has to work harder to pump enough oxygenated blood and bring back the carbon dioxide loaded blood from the cells. This, in turn, helps in exercising the heart muscles and other organs such as the lungs. Therefore, this steady and slow exercise can be a good exercise to keep your heart healthy.

Benefits: It helps to lose weight, increases bone density, increases muscle strength, heart and lung capacity. 

5. Squats

Begin with 10 and move on till 50 gradually. You don’t need 100’s of squats to perform right away, build the capacity, support your body and act accordingly. Divide your bodyweight equally among your right and left legs and maintain a correct sitting posture to get proper benefit out of this activity.

Benefits: Strengthens the muscles, provides an energy boost, burns calories, reduces injury risk and improves body flexibility.


Initially, you can go with lightweight exercises but if you don’t find yourself breaking a sweat, make it more challenging with additional loads and efforts by boosting your capacity. The aim should be to build the stamina to perform daily activities, be it complex or simple, with comfort. The way you devote time for grooming, daily exercise can add a flavour to your personality and well-being. Try these simple exercises at home and you would soon find getting yourself transformed into a confident, energetic and powerful person. You won’t even get drained or exhausted with any of the complicated tasks and that’s the beauty of these basic exercises but those have to be performed with motivation and passion on a regular basis. Go on!