Here is how the box dyes can damage your hair?

In this fast pacing world with tons of workload along with house chores, some people skip the hair salon for colouring and do a quick one at home with box dyes, for a much cheaper price and not too time-consuming. In hindsight, box dyes can damage hair to a great extent. Here you were thinking of saving some time, well time is money, but you also end up having straw-like hair. Some way or another you are losing. Let’s give you an alternate option for the same, so keep reading on.

What is a box dye?

Box dye is all those hair colour tube containers and grocery store-bought hair dye kits you can buy without a professional hair colour license. It is as simple as that, if you can get your hands on it from your local store then keep it back on the shelf and walk out. Box dyes can damage your hair because they possess some of the brutal chemicals for your hair as they are a substitute for being easy peasy within forty-five minutes or so. Try to switch it up with organically created natural hair colours without any ratio of chemicals induced in them.

On the other hand, hair specialists or professionals do not ever recommend using box dye. If you have a disaster, let us say the colour did not come out as well as it publicizes, then you ought to come to a salon and it is on them to fix your bad decision. This shouldn’t have happened if you just booked an appointment in the first place. You are doubtless not trained to dye your hair. It’s okay to be in the trend, experiment as much as you want but switching colours every week with the help of box dyes is not worth the chemicals you are damaging your hair with.

How the box dyes can damage your hair?

  • The formulation of a dye:

The sheer difference in price exists because the formulation of box and professional dyes are completely distinct. It does give you the colour payoff but instead weakens your hair due to its poor formulation and cheap ingredients. Box dyes don’t actually have the properties to protect your hair with the additional moisture per se.

  • Toxins are included:

If you read the listings of the box dye then you would realize the toxic chemical used like PPDs or hair salts that damage your hair further. Why take such risks? It is better to not indulge in things that already claim to have dangerous things.

  • The elasticity is damaged:

Slowly the hair strands start to feel wonky, brittle, and at breaking point as the toxins start to change the texture and elasticity of the hair shaft. It doesn’t feel like your hair, the straw-like texture doesn’t go away smoothly. You start losing all of your hair as a result.

  • Everything is dried out:

You can realize very quickly how box dyes change the hair, scalp, and environment. The toxins strip away the good hair sebum and nourishment from the scalp. if the scalp does not get nourishment, how do you expect to have good, luscious hair?

  • Not adhering to the instructions mentioned:

Well if you are colouring your hair at home, then it is common logic to read thoroughly the instructions very well and then let your dye sit in your hair for the stipulated time. There are countless times when you might have an inkling that the dye needs to sit for a little bit longer, for the colour to be stronger but NO. This is also very damaging. Obviously, the companies do the test and then release their products, else you can keep the dye as long as you want and finally have a bald head.

Dying hair in itself is a damaging process as it literally penetrates your hair shaft and changes the original hair’s components to have your desired colour reflect upon it. This process sounds damaging and most certainly is, whereas the natural hair colours tend to impart a tint on black hair and go full out for grey hair. Another scenario is when you have already damaged and very brittle hair but never really cared for the health of your hair and still, you go for the box dye because trend matters. Then you probably won’t have much hair sticking out of your head. Don’t use box dyes frequently.

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