How Bridal Lehenga Could Stole Everyone’s Heart In Wedding

The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.

-William Lyon Phelps.

Every girl dreams to look like a princess in a beautiful bridal lehenga. Walking on rose petals, holding hand of her prince charm while the couple entry goes BOOM, catching everyone’s eye, that’s what a girl dreams of on her wedding day. Wedding day is one of the most important days of life wherein the bride wants to look the prettiest women on earth, her smile, her glow, her grace, her blush, her dignity, her beauty and even her culture gets spiral through her wedding dress. Especially for a women getting married, her wedding lehenga is of paramount importance as naturally she is the centre of attraction for the whole event. Believe it or not, lehenga, jewellery and a simple makeup is of utmost importance for every bride; because one wedding day, naturally all eyes would be on her or by extension, bridal lehenga being one of the most important fashion purchases ever made in life.

Indian wedding senhance the ethnicity, diversity and delightfulness of our culture as well as our rituals. Unlike western hemisphere, Indian wedding is everything about colours, rituals, sangeet, mehendi, haldi, ceremony and reception. It’s just another festival like Diwali.

When it comes to choice of lehenga and its colour, brides often choose to wear RED. The traditional Hindu bride is said to wear red outfit; which according to astrology refers the planet Mars. Mars is the planet in charge of marriages, representing prosperity and fertility. Also, red symbolises passionate love, courage, power & strength.

Eventually, colour brings out the beauty of a bride, also is an individual choice for which one to select and purchase, not just for the bride, the combination of brides & grooms outfit brings elegance to the whole event. Wearing colour coordinated wedding outfits is a new norm these days. Not only do coordinated couple stands out of the crowd but they also get photographed better. The contrasting colour of wedding goes amazingly well together. Even if you have a look at celebrities who got married, twinning the outfit plays a major role revealing the TOGETHERNESS of a marriage.

Well, it’s not just about the lehenga of the bride but also her accessories. Bridal jewellery is the next thing to catch others attention after the dress. Wearing colour coordinated accessories with the lehenga enhances the bridal beauty. From “Veil to Jewel” every piece plays a crucial role in creating a perfect bridal look. Especially in our Indian culture, small things like Gajra (flower garland), Bindi, Nath (Nose ring), mangalsutra, bangles, anklets, etc. skyrockets the beauty of a bride & those little things add up to making a big difference and therefore ‘it is said that selecting pieces tells a story altogether!’