How Can You Increase the Height of Your Kids

Most of the parents are concerned about their kid’s height and they expect them to be taller and stronger. It’s also a sign of good health and they take utmost efforts to lead their children to healthy growth. Their height and weight is the indication of their overall health.

If your kid’s height is not increasing, there are some other external factors like the kind of food they eat, exercise, genes that play an important role in the height of kids.   

Let’s look at some of the reasons:

  • Lack of proper nutrition 
  • Side effects of certain medication
  • Lack of physical activities/exercise
  • An illness that affects the growth of the child
  • If there is a history in kids family, there is a possibility of short height

Interesting activities for increasing height:

  • You can encourage your child to do stretching for about 5 minutes every day.
  • Encourage him/her to do skipping regularly for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Swimming is also a great way to increase height.
  • Teach your child to do yoga for at least 8 to 15 minutes twice a week.
  • Jumping, running and cycling will develop kid’s muscles and lead to an increase in height.
  • Teach your child to hang on to a metal bar for at least 6 to 12 seconds.

Now, let’s look at how food can help increase the height

Vegetarian food to increase height in kids (above 1 year)

There are many ways a parent can increase the height of their child. Here are some of the food items that could help.

     • Fruits

     • Milk

     • Whole grains

     • Soyabean

     • Spanish

     • Carrots

     • Oats meal

1. Fruits: Fruits that are rich in vitamin “A” such as mangoes will help your kids grow taller and strengthen their bones.

2. Milk: Milk is filled with calcium which is great for the growth of bones as well as for strength to grow height.

3. Whole Grains: They are rich in contains vitamin “B” and iron. 

4. Soya beans: Get your kids to eat more soya beans as they are a vegetarian food that is rich in proteins that improve the growth of bones and muscles.

5. Spinach: Spinach is the super veggie that will not only give your kids the strength that they need but also provide them with iron and calcium. These two nutrients are essential to make sure that your kids grow tall.

6. Carrots: Carrot is rich in vitamin “A” which help in the synthesis of proteins in the body. Raw carrots have the highest content of these vitamins so add them as a salad or get your kids to drink fresh carrot juice daily. We can use a carrot as a teether also.

7. Oats meal: This is a superfood rich in protein and has a low-fat content.

Non-vegetarian foods to increase the height:

1. Eggs: Protein is the nutrients that play the biggest role in increasing the kid’s height. So, make sure that they eat an egg every morning.

2. Chicken: Recipe that includes chicken are always loved by kids and is healthy and rich in protein.

There are several ways that could help your child grow taller, but it’s important that you follow the list step-by-step. Not only a good diet, but regular exercise and good sleep is essential to promote the height. Therefore, make sure you inculcate all these right habits for your child to grow taller, smarter and healthier.