How To Cure Cold & Cough By Home Remedies

For those who are looking to use natural remedies to treat their cough, you would find this article very useful. Natural home remedies are the best solution to treat cough and cold as these are common diseases observed in daily routine life.

If a cough is severe or persists for more than a few weeks, in that case, it becomes essential to seek the medical advice.

Some natural remedies may help to relieve a cold & cough:

     • Basil (Tulsi)

     • Ginger and honey

     • Mustard oil

     • Carom Seed

     • Steaming 

1. Basil leaves (Tulsi)  

Basil is commonly known as tulsi. These are well popular in ayurvedic remedies for its medicinal values.

Here’s how to use basil for chest congestion. Mix 10 drops of basil leaves essential oil in 1 cup of coconut oil & apply this on the chest and neck, full massage with the oil 2-3 times in the day. Alternatively, boil 8 -10 basil leaves in a cup of water and take it sip by sip.


• It helps to ease blocked nose and promotes easy breathing.

• Reduces chest congestion.

2. Ginger and Honey

Ginger is no strange commodity to Indian household and everyone knows about its amazing health benefits and honey is famous for the treatment of cold and cough problems and it is amazing not only for cold but also digestion problems. Let’s see how to mix ginger and honey for relief from chest congestion. First, we have to make a paste of ginger and add  a tablespoon of honey to this. Take half a spoon of this paste after every couple of hours.


• It helps to give relief from chest congestion.

• loosen the dried mucus in muscle tract and make it easy to remove.

3. Mustard oil

 Mustard oil massage is well known for its goodness to improve health. It reduces the chest congestion in the lungs and also reduces the blocked nose and promotes ease in breathing. Mustard oil massage is useful in rainy season, winter and summer too. It’s very helpful for cold and cough. We can use garlic and ajwain in it for best results. For this, we have to take a pan and add mustard oil (100 gram) + garlic (2- 3) +  ajwain (half spoon)  and heat a little bit. Strain and put it in the glass jar and when you want to apply this oil, you should heat a little bit and check the temperature of the oil before massage on back, chest, palm and feet.


 • Reduced congestion in the lungs and chest.

• Relieves blocked nose and promotes ease in breathing.

4. Carom seeds

This is an age-old remedy for chest congestion. Carom seed (ajwain) is a very common item in every household. Let’s now understand how to use carom seeds for chest congestion. We have to heat some carom seed (ajwain) on a tawa & put it in a cotton cloth and make a pouch (potli), gently use this as lukewarm, compress on chest. This is a type of carom seed pouch that is also used in corona to allows easy breathing.


• It helps to loosen the mucus concentration.  

 • Reduces blockage and allows easy breathing.

5. Steam Inhalation

This is the most effective way to ease nasal congestion and runny nose. Using steam to treat cold and chest congestion is the easiest and fastest way to get relief.

Bring water to boil in a wide pan till steam begins to form. Keep head above the pan (at least a foot away) and deep breathe through nose. Do not completely cover the head, and steam gently, inhale slowly. Do this atleast 1-2 times during the day and before the sleep. A readymade steamer is a safer option to do so.

For added effect, add 1 spoon crushed ajwain (carom seeds) & a drop of Vicks Vaporub.


• Prevent the mucus from drying and blocking the nose.

• Adds the required moisture to the nasal track.

Here are some additional tips that would protect and prevent you from getting cold & cough:

 •   Avoiding contact with people who are sick. 

 •   Washing hands regularly.

 •   Use disinfectant.

 •   Avoid dehydration.

 •   Reduce stress level.

 •   Enough Sleep.