How To Gain Instant Energy When You Feel Tired After A Workout

gain energy after workout

Energy is the driver of human body and is the necessity to perform even a smaller activity. It helps body in staying alive, grow, stay warm, and roam. Diet is the major source for getting carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, which constitute majority of energy. Some people prefer supplements to boost energy levels though that could also assist in weight loss.

How to get natural energy

When you eat anything, it is the time of the process that controls the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and metabolism. When you eat, you are clearing the work that your body need to get done. Energy which is from body helps body to move, grow, and survive, without burning any calories. You will lose your appetite when you drink coffee. However, if your body has not had the quantity of nutrients it needs, it can give you a feeling of food allergy, like heartburn, indigestion, nausea, headache, and stomach-ache. In addition to that, the excess calories from coffee also add to your extra fat, and extra fat is the main culprit of accumulation of fats.

Getting enough sleep

Getting good sleep every night makes you feel energetic. It enables your body to get the required rest for repairing and rebuilding cells, muscles, and other things necessary for your health and strength. Consuming good foods (good nutrition) and plenty of water help you to sleep a lot. Eat complex carbs Complex carbs are the good foods that are usually digestible quickly. They have a high glycaemic index and carbohydrates provide energy very fast, without causing blood sugar to rise. Your body needs a steady supply of complex carbs as these are very quick and give a lot of energy in your body. Instead of sugars, look for complex carbs that are either from vegetables or from fruits.

Eating healthy food

Unfortunately, the food we eat are usually not natural and too much of it can be harmful. During workout, we should eat low glycaemic load food, which is slow to break down in the blood. These foods will ensure your body does not break down fast and also help you maintain the energy level that helps in gaining weight. However, you can reduce your carb intake by 5 to 10 percent of your daily calorie intake and increase your fat intake by 10 to 15 percent. Don’t forget to have a protein after exercise. This is one of the most important things when you start workout. Consume foods rich in protein for example, lean meats, nuts, fish, dairy products, lean legumes. Eat foods rich in carbohydrates post workout as you may know carbohydrates are our main source of energy for body.

Health food eating
Drinking plenty of water

It is very essential to hydrate every time you feel hungry. A single cup of water in early morning can make you feel more energized than coffee. There are people who are addicted to caffeine, but if you want to stay active, you should avoid caffeine. Drinking hot tea or coffee will make your body temperature become warmer, which will increase your energy level. To lose weight, make smoothies as it can provide you a source of essential nutrients, which include healthy fats, protein, healthy carbs, and fresh vegetables and fruits. Chewing gum while on the move can provide you a boost of energy, which you may not have eaten. Coffee can give you a caffeine boost, which will make you feel alert and conscious.

Taking vitamin D supplements

After a workout, body produces lots of sugar that needs to be used for building muscles. Daily workouts release lots of glycogen that needs to be used for building muscles. Carbs need energy for fast breaks. Therefore, working out releases body’s glycogen, helping to gain energy. Thus, taking vitamin D supplements not only increases your body’s stores of energy, but also makes it easier for your muscles to function and recovers faster. Some experts may recommend taking vitamin D3 supplements because they believe that vitamin D3 has a positive impact on gaining energy after a workout. When taken along with the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, vitamin D3 can help in getting better energy.

Using caffeine in moderation

While the rest of the world keeps blaming caffeine for fatigue and sleepiness, it is actually the monoculture food habits that can lead to tiredness. Using caffeine in moderation, avoids this. Performing a workout for more than 40 minutes can keep the body in a process of recovery. A longer workout allows the body to recover completely and speed up the energy for next day’s activities. To energize oneself, one should consume coffee, tea, milk or dark chocolate that contains caffeine. It is known to help reduce feelings of fatigue and insomnia. Dairy products also contain magnesium, which has a mild energy boosting effect.


Thermal, chemical and mechanical are various forms of energy needed for proper functioning of the body. If your body is not in energy efficient condition, it might cause a bad condition like pain in any part of the body. This problem can be treated with the intake of proper nutrition. If you want to have good health and endurance, then you should incorporate nutrition like fruits, whole grains, beans, and potatoes. Energy plays an important role for a human body, therefore it’s important to keep your energy levels high enough for proper growth and development.