How To Get Hair Treatment At Home Before Visiting A Salon

hair treatment at home

During COVID-19, One-third of the world was restricted to their homes and would go to market or shops due to the lockdown. People from all walks of life were stuck in their homes or in other countries during vacations. Many switched their rooms into salons to properly take care of their hygiene. Some people learned tips to keep their hair healthy and in proper condition because of COVID they could not visit hair salons and they gained positive results due to these tips.

Also, to make sure it’s true and has no transparency we have talked about these tips with some of the guys who have applied these tips and asked how they manage their hair to keep them healthy. They have verified these tips and recommended everyone out there who’s facing hair fall or any other hair treatment issues to use these tips before any visit to the hair salon or if you don’t want to visit any hair salon.

 After so much study and research, we managed to sum up these tips and gather them in a single article. We already knew you can’t visit a hair salon in person, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for you digitally! Even when you can’t visit a salon, we have the perfect tips to help you achieve gorgeous locks. You will learn how to keep those split ends at bay, how to cover your roots, and why you shouldn’t use box dyes, no matter how tempting they may seem! These problems can be cured on the premises of the home. YES, you read it right!

Hair experts serving in different hair salons across the world verified these tips and concluded these tips have upgraded their result trajectory and customer satisfaction up to 100%. Hair salons in the USA, UK, UAE, and especially have recommended these tips and tricks to be told to their customers to get better results.

The wait is OVER, here are the tips, make sure to give a full read to this article:

Avoid Shampooing Frequently

Yes, you read it right, avoid using too much shampoo as it softens the hair shaft and may cause hair fall at a younger age. The reason behind using shampoo is to clear out the scalp and remove dirt and dandruff but let me tell you if you regularly use shampoo leading to the removal of natural oils that keep strands soft and healthy. Only shampoo your hair when you need it otherwise avoid shampooing regularly.

Always Use Conditioner

Don’t forget to use a hair conditioner as it helps to replace the liquids and proteins inside the hair shaft. It also seals hair cuticles which helps in reducing hair fall. If your hairs are wet then you must use a conditioner as it helps in repairing hair damage.

Apply Hair Mask

Most likely, hair that touches your shoulders or beyond is several years old and needs more TLC than a normal conditioner. We recommend using moisture-based masks and oils on a weekly basis. By filling strands with fatty acids, the oils seal them inside the hair after being rinsed out with regular shampoo.

Avoid Split Ends

The best possible way to avoid split ends is hair cutting after several periods of time as it helps to close the hair cuticle which is the leading factor behind hair fall so always choose to cut your hair after a specific period of time to avoid split ends.

Eat Well

At this moment, a healthy diet guarantees a healthy lifestyle so make sure don’t compromise on your diet as this should be your number one priority. Try increasing your protein intake with foods like beans, fish, meat, and whole grains. Diet plays an important role in the immune system and maintaining your hair health.