How To Make Your Eyes Look Beautiful And Attractive

There is no doubt that eyes are the centre of attraction for our personality. They are like a window to a soul. Bright and sparkling eyes convey a mesmerizing feeling about a person. If you want to magnetize anybody with your beauty, eyes are the ones that compel. It becomes all the more important to keep eyes healthy and attractive. Speak to a photographer and ask him how much time he spends on retouching eyes for a brighter, shinier look. In case of wrinkles, redness, swollen skin or dark circles, you may lose confidence and charm while in public. There might be several reasons for this and certain beauty products may help you but that would be temporary and you may not want to always spend heavily on those expensive things.

These natural ways if followed in everyday routine could help your eyes glow and be healthy and gorgeous in the long run.

1. Rose water

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties to relive eyes from infections and inflammations and is a proven remedy for various eye conditions. You may apply rosewater using a dropper or a cotton ball. You would experience a transition of your red eyeball areas to an instant white one. Even in the case of dark circles, rose water can be a rejuvenating factor.

2. Cucumber slice

Looking to diminish dry skin under your eyes, apply a cucumber slice or extract its juice to get ridof dark circles with one of these most effective natural remedies. Just put the 2 slices on your closed eyes for 15-20 minutes and then use cold water for a splash. Cucumber contains powerful antioxidant and vitamin C which could help soothe your tired eyes.  Do this at regular intervals to get amazing results within few days.

3. Protection from sun and digital devices

To avoid exposure to sensitive eye skin or sunburn on eyelids, consider wearing sunglasses with UV protection. Also, safety shields on the sides of eyeglasses can help to block the wind and dry air offering protection from pollution and dust.

Similarly if are in the habit of excessive usage of a computer or similar devices, you can get customized glasses from an eye professional.

4. Eye massage or facial eye exercises

Boost blood circulation with a simple daily massage around your eyes. Use index and middle finger to gentle tap in a circle around your eyes, do not pull or drag the skin while performing this activity. Just devoting 5 minutes on a daily basis could help reduction of inflammation and dark circles getting you healthy and attractive eyes. 

5. Green tea bags

Reduce the swell and irritation of eyes with green tea bags. Soak green tea bags in warm water and allow them to cool for a few minutes, you can then place them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes to get a refreshing feel. It contains caffeine and antioxidant properties which help in reducing puffiness and gets you those pretty eyes.

6. Good sleep

Of course, when it comes to eye care, how can one allow sleep deprivation? Eyes speak for your lack of sleep and reflect in the form of laziness and discomfort feeling the other day. Exposure to artificial light, electronic devices nearby your bed affects your eye health and sleep cycle.  Also, sleep with your head slightly elevated to prevent fluid accumulation under your eyes. Get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep to wake up energetic and refreshing the next day.