Is it safe to undergo breast reconstruction surgery?

breast surgery

After a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is the surgery to make new breasts. There are different ways to rebuild breasts. Some techniques use implants. Some people make breasts out of tissue from your body, like from your belly. Reconstruction of the breasts can happen right after a mastectomy or a long time afterward. You may need more than one surgery spread out over a few months. This article gives you an overview of the surgery, including the types.

What is referred to as breast reconstruction surgery?

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery to make new breasts. Sometimes it takes more than one surgery to fix something. There are many ways to rebuild breasts. Some women get breast implants made of silicone or saline. Other methods use a piece of skin from your body (such as tissue from the lower belly).

Right after breast cancer surgery, the breasts can be fixed (immediate reconstruction). It can also happen months or even years later (delayed reconstruction). You could get surgery to fix both of your breasts. Or, your doctor might replace one breast and change its shape to look like the other. Your doctor may suggest that you have more than one surgery at different times.

After a mastectomy, some people choose to have their breasts put back together, but most don’t. It is a very personal choice to have breast reconstruction. Speak to your surgeon to understand the reconstructive surgery cost before the procedure to make an informed decision.

Understanding the different types of breast reconstruction surgeries:

Flap reconstruction:

In flap reconstruction, your doctor uses your tissue (autologous tissue) to make a new breast. Most of the time, they take tissue from the lower belly (belly). But it can also start in your thigh, back, or bottom.

To make a new breast, your surgeon may take fat, skin, blood vessels, and muscle from these body parts. The medical term for this piece of tissue is “flap.” Sometimes, a flap is moved through your body by a doctor. So, the flap keeps getting blood on its own. Or, they may cut the flap from its blood supply (called a “free flap”) and attach it to blood vessels in your chest.

Implant reconstruction:

Surgeons use saline or silicone implants to make breast tissue when they do implant reconstruction. Sometimes, surgeons use both implants and your body tissue. When a mastectomy is done, reconstruction with implants can also be done. You might also choose to do this after a mastectomy. Reach out to a breast reconstruction surgeon in Coimbatore if you want to undergo surgery.

How to know what kind of breast reconstruction to undergo?

  • Your provider will tell you which method is best for you based on the following.
  • Your age, your general health, and the way you live.

How much tissue is still there, and what kind of mastectomy or lumpectomy you had?

If you need more treatments for breast cancer (such as chemotherapy or radiation).

You may not be able to get a flap from your belly because you’ve already had surgery there. One example is having surgery on the belly.

What does breast reconstruction surgery treat?

Most of the time, breast reconstruction happens after surgery to treat or prevent breast cancer. It is used to change the shape of the breasts and repair or replace damaged or missing tissue. They may also do this surgery to make things look normal again. This means that they make the size and shape of both breasts the same. Less often, doctors fix problems with the breast tissue present at birth (congenital disabilities).

It’s normal to feel sad about losing your breast after a mastectomy.Breast reconstruction surgery helps many women deal with their strong feelings and move on with their lives.

What are the benefits of undergoing breast reconstructive surgery?

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help a woman feel better about herself. Many people feel better about how their clothes fit after breast reconstruction. A swimsuit might also make them feel more at ease.

After a mastectomy, many people decide not to have their breasts fixed. Instead, they wear a prosthesis, a fake breast, in a special bra. They could also decide to “go flat” and not wear breast prostheses. This is a very personal choice that is different for each person. Reach out to one of the plastic surgery hospitals In Coimbatore to ensure you are in safe hands.

Be informed about the procedure and what involves in that procedure, breast reconstruction surgery is a safe procedure to undergo and does not involve much complications when performed by the top specialists.

Prognosis of breast reconstruction surgery:

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help a woman feel better about herself and how she looks. It is a very personal choice to get breast reconstruction. If you decide to have this surgery, you should talk to your doctor about the best way. Be open and honest about your goals, your lifestyle, and how you want to look. You may need more than one surgery spread out over a few months. During recovery, you should do what your provider tells you to do. If you are in a lot of pain or have signs of an infection, seek help from the reconstructive surgery doctors in Coimbatore if you are facing any concerns after the surgery.

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