Types Of Underwear For Men And How To Pick The Right One

Types of Men's Underwear

Gone are the days when innerwear wasn’t included in a fashion category and talked about openly. While we don’t shy to open up about almost anything today, an understanding wide variety of men’s underwear becomes a necessity. After all, it’s an important piece of clothing in our daily life and comes in a range of designs. They help cover your buttocks, which need proper comfort and this is the prime reason why getting to understand this becomes all the more important.

We always like to go with the latest trend especially when it comes to clothing, therefore, choosing the best style that suits you and your comfort and support level, is ideally a necessity. If you end up wearing the wrong one, you might face certain physical issues like squirming and itching. This is in addition to the discomfort that you experience throughout the day. There are several things that go with selecting the right men’s underwear. This includes body type and personal choice.

To get you out of this dilemma of selection and provide information on wide options, we have mentioned a guide for your benefit.

Major types in Men’s Underwear

1. Boxer Shorts

A classic style of underwear that has been used for ages and is similar to the one worn by boxers. This hit almost mid-thigh and men who want comfort and more coverage during the workout or in daily routine may prefer this.

These are made of pure cotton and contain a loose fabric at the back to accommodate the buttocks comfortably. Nowadays, these are considered old-fashioned but could be a great option for men who tend to sweat more. They allow the air to keep circulating and can be preferred by those with thin legs and narrow hips.

2. Briefs

Widely popular amongst the youth and owned by almost every man. They provide comfort under any outfit and are available in various rises, styles and designs. 

  • Low rise briefs

You can wear this with low waist jeans or shorts or gym clothes. They sit comfortably over the hips and the fabric present covers enough portion. 

  • Mid-rise briefs

It can be used for everyday occasions or in the case of moderate sports activities. These sit perfectly at the waistline and can also be used with regular cut jeans.

  • High-rise briefs

These could be worn with high-waist pants and come up to below the belly button. The best part is it relaxes the stomach.

3. Boxer briefs

They are made of fabric like cotton and can be used for regular purposes. They usually cover half of the thighs though some cover only one-third. The comfort provided by this is similar to that of briefs. Due to their capability to prevent chaffing, they could be an ideal choice while workouts, sports activities.

There is a prevailing confusion among men regarding briefs and boxer briefs, the simple difference is the one that extends your legs is a boxer brief. 

4. Thongs

These are the minimum possible version underwear can have and that’s the reason, they do not provide coverage. They can be considered an erotic and sensual choice, especially for those who do not want the feel of underwear.

A bare fabric in front exposes your back completely. It’s a good choice if you plan to visit a beach, do swimming or need to have comfort and relaxation. Men who are perfectly fit with a solid body can expose themselves with these kinds of underwear.

5. Trunks

They have a square cut appearance that can lie between boxer brief and brief. They can be considered a short or a long boxer brief and shouldn’t be used in sports activities. They aren’t too short or long and can be used for comfort and sensual feel.

The coverage provides is good and can fulfil your erotic appeal quite naturally. Men with strong thighs can comfortably prefer these kinds.

6. Jockstrap

It’s also known as a jock or an athletic supporter and comes with an elastic waistband. It consists of a pouch inside capable of holding a cup and can be used for extra care during rigorous sports activities.

People involved in sports activities like cycling, martial arts can very well prefer these kinds to prevent any kind of injuries to testicles or penis. 


While you go for getting the stock of underwear next time, do consider these types, their benefit and comfort and choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. As discussed, they come in a variety of patterns and colours and to help you with this selection, we leave you with the below guide.

  • Body shape

Look at your thighs, bum and body type to select the right comfort providing underwear.

  • Activity and usage

Consider the activities you would be performing and the selection of styles would be as per the occasion. 

Wrong selection can make your whole day miserable, so better spend time opting for the right style, colour, pattern and be confident, relaxed and look sexier projecting the dashing personality.