5 Best Dentists in Nagpur for Effective Dental Treatment

Best dentist in nagpur

A smile is one of the essential accessories an individual can wear and adore. So it becomes highly crucial to maintain our teeth and oral hygiene to get that whiter and brighter smile. A beautiful smile can make you win over many hearts, trust me. And to take care of that smile, we have our superheroes called “DENTISTS”, who take the sole responsibility to take utmost care of our beautiful smiles.

During a dental issue we find it difficult to decide the best dentist in Nagpur for treatment and consultation. Dentists are medical professionals who deal with treatments and diseases associated with teeth health. Since childhood all our lives we have been taught how essential it is to take care of our dental health. We have been advised to brush twice a day, floss regularly, and rinse our mouth as many times as we consume any food item. These are to be done religiously so that our teeth do not decay, nor should we face any gum problems. But the truth is, no matter how much we do, there is something or the other that we miss resulting in the generation of tooth-related issues.

This is the reason why we need a dentist so that we can get ourselves treated. So, when we want to go for any teeth-related issue, the foremost thing that comes to our mind is which dentist we should go to. How difficult it becomes to choose one of the best dentists in Nagpur from so many dental professionals.

So here in this article, we bring you a list of the Top 10 Best Dentists in Nagpur so that it becomes easy for you to know where to visit in case of any dental problem.

List of Top 5 Best Dentists in Nagpur

1. Dr. Chhabrani

When we talk about dental health, Dr Chhabrani is the first name on the list of best dentists in Nagpur. Good proper dental care is more than just merely performing brushing and flossing. When it comes to good dental care, we cannot dispense a skilled and experienced set of hands.

Dr Girish and Dr Vaani are renowned as the best dentist in Nagpur. Dr Chhabrani’s Dental Clinic has been working for the last 6 years towards improving the dental health care of their patients. Dr Chhabrani has experience of over 7 years and has been providing international level treatments to his patients.

Dr Chhabrani is an orthodontic specialist. At Dr Chhabrani’s clinic, you get a platter of dental treatments like Root Canal, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Cleaning & Whitening, Smile Designing, Dental Implants, Maxillo Facial Surgery, Braces Treatment and some more similar treatments of the similar types.

This one dental clinic provides you with the best dental treatment facilities, all under one roof. Therefore Dr Chhabrani is considered the best dentist in Nagpur.

Address: – 201, Mahalaxmi Complex, Darodkar Sq. Nagpur

2. Dr. Rashmi Gupta

Dr Rashmi Gupta is also one of the best dentists in Nagpur. She has expertise in Aesthetic Dentistry and is a very well-known dental surgeon. She has completed her BDS from Sawangi college in Wardha and has experience of over 22 years in dentistry. She specializes in Flap Surgery, Endo-Surgery, Dental Implants and Fillings, and Teeth Lamination, etc.

She is also known for her humble nature towards her patients, whom she gives the top priority no matter what. You can visit her from 9:30 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday.

Address: – Dr Rashmi’s Dental Clinic, First Floor, Samar Chambers, WHC Road, opposite Batukbhai Jewellers, Nagpur.

3. Dr. Ketan Garg

Dr Ketan Garg is also one of the best dentists in Nagpur. He is a specialist in general consultancy and has also been in oral and maxillofacial surgery for the last 12 years. Dr Garg did his BDS at a reputed college in Nagpur. He is specialized in Facial Surgery and also in Dental Implants. His patients are always satisfied with his treatment facilities since they say the post-treatment pain is significantly less. He has a perfect sense of diagnosis and hence is highly recommended by his patients.

Dr Ketan Garg is available at two clinics in Nagpur. His addresses of both the clinics are listed below.

Address 1:- Dr KetanGarg’s Dental Speciality Centre, 3, Doctor’s Enclave, Residency Road, Sadar Bazar Rd, Opposite SFS School, Nagpur.

Address 2: Mehta Dental Clinic, Second Floor, Manomay Plaza, Central Bazar Road, Near KRIMS Hospital, Nagpur.

4. Dr. Harshwardhan Arya

Dr Harshwardhan Arya is the best dentist in Nagpur, but he is also the most demanded dentist in Maharashtra. He is very well learned. He completed his graduation from Mumbai and his pst graduation from Nagpur Government College. His knowledge is impeccable, and so he gives a lot of lectures in Nagpur. He provides the best treatment using the latest technologies to his patients. He has been practising dentistry successfully for 18 years.

Address: – Dr Arya’s Dental Clinic, 186, Ground Floor, Indu Yash enclave, Near Ram Nagar Chowk, Nagpur.

5. Dr. Harish Rathi

Dr Harish Rathi is also one of the best dentists in Nagpur. He has an expertise in this field for past 37 years. He has completed his BDS from Nagpur itself. He is specialized in Braces and Dentures Fixing, Gum Surgery and Disease Treatment, General Consultancy, Tooth Scaling and Polishing, Crown and Bridges Fixing, Aesthetic Dentistry, Extraction of Tooth, etc.

Address: – Advance Dental Hospital, 10, Residency Road, Sadar, Near Canara Bank, Nagpur.


So to conclude there are the top 5 best dentists in Nagpur. It is said that it is very crucial to have good oral hygiene to maintain our overall health. Only brushing and flossing is not the only way to maintain oral health. It takes a lot more than this to have healthy oral hygiene. It is said that saliva can determine a person’s health condition. Hence it is advised to regularly visit a dentist if you have any issues with your dental health. Also, if there are no issues, still visiting a dentist once every six months is the best thing recommended by every dentist.