How To Dress Appropriately As Per Your Age

After a certain age, you should be careful with the outfits you choose. One misstep can make you look older than you are. These are the fashion mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

There are style mistakes that you should never make, especially as you get older. A false step can ruin your good image and, worse, throw a few years on you. And this is the last thing you want to get! You are proud of your age, of course, but you like to look good and have an impeccable (and youthful) look. We are going to help you to achieve it by teaching you how to dress well at any age!


Know yourself well

The first thing you have to do to choose looks that flatter you and do not throw years on you is to know yourself well. Your way of being, your style, your proportions, your height, the colour of your skin, your hair and your eyes… are decisive if you want to make a good choice. Only by knowing your strengths will you be able to enhance them and hide areas of your body that you don’t like so much.

Do not follow fashion trends to the letter.

Try not to follow the dictates of fashion as the models put them on the catwalk. Fashion is not there to take it to the letter, but to reinvent it, personalize it and adapt it to your personal needs and tastes.

If you don’t see yourself in that garment, leave it in the closet.

It is impossible for everything to look good on you (not even on top models). In addition, there are days when you do not finish seeing yourself with a certain style. Do not insist, leave it for another time. If you feel insecure, you will tend to slouch and make yourself small, and this attitude will make you appear older.


It is possible that at the age of 20, you wore everything that entered your eyes, but at 30 you begin to understand your tastes more clearly and define your personality. From now on you shouldn’t turn your back on trends, but you don’t have to wear everything you see in the shop windows either.

Begin to be more selective and faithful to your tastes and your way of being. Having your own style will help you feel more confident about yourself and know how to be perfect both for going to work and for going out to dinner with your friends or with your partner.


When you reach the 40s, you are at your best and, in addition, you have created a good wardrobe with infallible basics. If you have not already done so, follow the advice of the experts and invest in quality clothing. Do not buy to buy, get fewer outfits, but more solid ones. You may have to spend more money, but you will not regret it, since they can accompany you for the rest of your life.

This does not mean that you cannot afford some seasonal whim. Do it without regret, but be aware that they are items with an expiration date, which you probably won’t wear more than that season. If you want to know more about how to dress well at 40 click on this link.


At 50 many changes are coming and worries about feeling older surface. Even so, it is the best age to learn to dress with style and to transmit with clothes the true vitality and youth that you still feel.

You have the confidence in yourself to reaffirm yourself and improve your appearance. Also, you are already lucky enough to know what suits you best. Bet on the basics that bring light to your face, different materials that make you stand out and give importance to those details that transmit security in your style.


The 60s arrive and with it the weight of age. Knowing how to dress is essential to see ourselves more comfortable and favoured with our appearance. Make your wardrobe evolve so that you gain self-esteem by adapting to the trends of this age.

Choose clothes that enhance your figure. It is time to pay attention to the adjustments to the waist, to the lengths that stylize you, to the crossed designs or to the flattering necklines. In addition, age should not prevent you from using cheerful and youthful accessories or clothing.

No matter how old you are, there are certain guidelines that you should always keep in mind when choosing your daily outfit.

In addition to these tips, Albeli also suggests that you should not forget to avoid some specific mistakes that you should not overlook.


Wearing retro or vintage style clothes adds years in an insured way. This does not mean that you should not use them, but you should do so in moderation and with pleasure. There are dresses, blouses and jackets that can be true relics. If you combine them well you can get wonderful looks, but be careful if you don’t want to look like you’ve just arrived from another era. You will look older.


Don’t go too classic. It is true that classic cut suits are usually very elegant, but give them a twist when you resort to them. For example, tweed can be very chic when you’re young, but when you’re older it can take you back to ‘grandma moment’ in no time. The same goes for houndstooth fabrics. Try to put your personal stamp and wear them with jeans or more youthful clothes if you do not want to put years on top.


Excessively wide or baggy clothes are not good allies either when you want to look younger. There are jackets and wide sweaters that are a real joy, but if you wear clothes that are larger than your share, it may seem that you are trying to “hide” some defect and put more years on top. There are other more effective resources to camouflage imperfections.

Be careful: do not go to the opposite side either. The tightest dresses on the account also add years and, in addition, can make you visually fat. The best thing is to find clothes of your correct size.


Don’t underestimate your glasses. They are definitive when completing your outfits. A correct choice will lead you to success, but if you make a mistake you can look out of tune or look older than you are. Always check that you wear glasses according to your image and do not let yourself be dragged by fashion. Some frames made of a thick paste and with excessive details can be associated with a more mature age.


In addition to styling, the colour black is associated with elegance. It is possible that you see yourself favoured with it and that you use it more than necessary. It is not bad to wear black, but perhaps it is a mistake that it is the predominant colour of your wardrobe. Get used to adding a touch of colour to your outfits, even with the help of accessories. You will look younger. Keep in mind that dark clothes near the face will reduce your lightness and, therefore, could add years to your image.


A colourful wardrobe is ideal when you want to subtract years from your look. However, you have to be sure that the colours of your clothes favour you. There are shades that enhance your beauty and others that, on the contrary, turn it of . You can do a colour study with the help of an expert to find out if your typology is warm or cold. They will tell you which colours light up and rejuvenate you.


Another important mistake: using too many youthful outfits… That’s right. Although you find it hard to believe, there are times when youthful clothes are the ones that age you the most. They can be “out of tune”, revealing your age and even making you look older than you really are. Beware of Snoopi or Micky Mouse jumpers. Maybe it’s not the time to show them off.


There are mixtures that have a lot of danger… You don’t want to take it all at the same time. If you combine different styles, very different fabrics, strange textures or patterns that are too different, you can fall into excesses, which are not exactly good for taking a few years off your mind. On the contrary, with such a potpourri you can achieve just the opposite.


Too much glitter and accessories will make you look older. Not to mention large and flashy accessories… It is true that there are pieces of considerable size that can give your looks personality and be attractive, but be careful. If your goal is to look younger, you better avoid them. Nothing like a large golden medallion to emulate your very grandmother. It is true that they can contribute a lot


There is nothing like getting on some vertigo heels to stylize your legs and feel like a goddess. However… woe to you if you don’t know how to get along with them! Poorly chosen high heels can ruin your outfit. Before putting them on, ask yourself if you walk freely or if you are very forced. Your movement when walking adds or subtracts your age.

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