Unique Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Employees, Clients And Vendors

corporate gift ideas

Just like an employer-employee relation, an organization has to be on good terms with other stakeholders. This could include customers, vendors, suppliers, etc. After all, a gift makes everybody happy then it could be a small or a big one. Gone are the days when only Diwali, Christmas and related festivals used to come under the purview of corporate gifts. Nowadays, getting employees on board, performance appreciation, promotional products and farewell are all included as a part of corporate gifting. In short, these occasions present an enormous opportunity for a company to motivate and retain employees. 

Gifting is another means to create goodwill amongst the employees and their families as well. It’s also an attractive way to create a stronger bond and get word-of-mouth publicity regarding the firm. In all these things, it must be remembered that gifts need not be pricey or expensive, even a small, stylish pen could bring a smile to the face of an employee. This goes beyond in projecting the good work culture of the company. HR team specifically is adored for the time and effort they have taken to think about and get the wonderful gift. This truly justifies the corporate gifting popularity of Indians. Imagine a new joinee flashing her welcome kit to everybody in her network, this itself proves the excitement that is created and shared in the network.

The question then arises on what kinds of options should be considered. Some gifts are occasion-specific. Ex. on your birthday, you would be considering cakes and personalized options for a particular employee. This option could include a stylish coffee mug with an employee’s name. however, there are 4 major factors that must be considered while thinking about gifts. These include age, personality, occasion and relationship. Understanding of employees’ or clients’ inclinations is important to finalize the appropriate gift for them. This would surely suffice in building a stronger and more trustworthy relation.  

Listed below are various corporate gift options for you to explore and consider.

  • Corporate gift hampers

These would include specially curated gifts for Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Year, etc. Gifts could range from dry fruits, sweets, flowers, chocolate boxes to personal diaries, notebooks, pens, gift sets, home and living items, and bags. 

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  • Personalized gifts

Adding a personal touch definitely creates a mesmerizing moment and strengthens the bond with utter prosperity and success. Key chains, stylish mugs, diaries, mobile stand, bouquet, fridge magnet, crystal paperweight, desk accessories, clips, clocks, could be considered and that would be personalized with your company brand logo, name and the employee name, photo. 

  • Gift combo

Specifically, on the occasion of a birthday or anniversary, a combo of cake and flowers would be highly courageous. A small gift card with a beautiful quote that extends the wish would create a remarkable impact.

  • Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers or coupons applicable on leading platforms are an amazing way to entice the employee. There are pretty high chances of him utilizing it to buy or avail certain things as the liberty lies in picking up any product. This gives him all the more satisfaction in appreciating the gift offered.

  • Container gifts

This could include coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs that would be a part of his drinkware and these are something that is utilized in routine life. Something of this sort is definitely liked by the employees.

  • Books

Books might not seem boring all the time. Especially for a person habituated to reading motivational books, this presents an excellent opportunity to satisfy the cravings of your employees or clients. 

  • Leather bags

An astounding leather bag that makes your clients feel cheerful and respected can never be a bad option. The classic, cool and trendy bags would bring an ideal sophistication to their personality. 

  • Tech and electronic items

From earbuds, bluetooth speakers to smartwatches, power banks, electric lamps, an entire list of bit expensive but regular usage items cannot be a part of rejection and instead would create an impression of intelligence on the part of your stakeholders.

  • God idols

An idol of God specifically Lord Ganesha is an impressive and ideal gift for all auspicious occasions and bring a lot of prosperity and good luck. Your acquaintance would love to keep it handy on their desks.

  • Ecofriendly plants

In an effort to have an impeccable impact, plants consisting of the bamboo, lily, jade, money plant, would surely be a moment of appreciation. Especially on traditional occasions, this would be highly relevant in bringing a real force.


Look for a store that contains a congregation of corporate gifts resonating with the gifting trend. From branding to lasting impression, creativity and uniqueness in corporate gifting are of utmost importance. A thoughtful way to nurture your professional relationship would be triggered once you take the collective feedback on matching the occasion perfectly. A utilization coupled with aesthetic appeal is considered lucrative for fostering relationships based on gifting. Spend enough time to research the new and emerging items that would fulfil your goal and get you an intangible return. Always think in terms of a win-win situation and get ready to explore the wide assortment of gift items available in stores. Finally, build a powerful gifting culture that brings an idealism of care and gratitude.