Can We Gift Watch To Someone As Per Astrology? Is It considered Good Or Bad?

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Astrology influences various aspects of life, including the way people interact and even the gifts they give. Watches and clocks, which have become indispensable tools in our lives, may seem like thoughtful gifts. While some people passionately follow astrological principles in various aspects of their lives, including gift-giving, others may view it with skepticism and consider it a pseudoscience lacking empirical evidence. The relationship between watches and clocks with astrology stems from their representation of time, a crucial element in astrological calculations. Some individuals may attribute astrological significance to these timekeeping devices, linking them with specific planetary rulership, numerology, or gemstones. However, it is essential to recognize that beliefs surrounding astrology and its connection with everyday objects are subjective and vary among individuals based on their cultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs. However, astrology advises caution when giving these timekeeping devices as presents.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind this astrological belief, the symbolism associated with watches and clocks, and why they are better suited for personal acquisition rather than being offered as gifts.

Importance of Watches and Clocks in Human Life

Watches and clocks play a crucial role in human life, enabling us to manage our time efficiently. They have become an essential part of our daily routines, helping us stay punctual, meet deadlines, and maintain our schedules. These timekeeping devices have evolved from mere functional tools to elegant and fashionable accessories that complement our personal style. The significance of watches and clocks in human life cannot be denied, making them popular choices for gift-giving on various occasions.

Why Watches and Clocks Are Not to Be Gifted as Per Astrology

Astrology, based on the positions of celestial bodies, planetary movements, and cosmic energies, holds deep-rooted beliefs about the impact of various objects on human life. While astrology doesn’t outright ban the gifting of watches and clocks, there are reasons why they are often discouraged as gifts:

  1. Symbolism of Time: In astrology, time is regarded as an intangible force that governs the cycles of life. Gifting someone a watch or clock may symbolize the limitation of time and the inevitability of aging. The act of giving a timekeeping device could be perceived as a reminder of mortality, which may not be considered auspicious or favorable in some cultures.
  2. Energy of Time: According to astrology, everything carries a certain energy or vibration. Timekeeping devices, particularly clocks, are constantly in motion, ticking away the seconds and minutes. This continuous movement can be associated with restlessness or instability, potentially introducing unwanted energy into the recipient’s life.
  3. Potential Disruptions: It is believed that gifting a watch or clock could disrupt the natural flow of time in the recipient’s life, leading to unforeseen consequences. Such disruptions may impact their future and destiny in ways that are beyond their control.
  4. Cultural Beliefs: In certain cultures, gifting a watch or clock is associated with bad luck or negative superstitions. For example, in Chinese culture, giving a clock is avoided as it sounds similar to the word for “end” or “death,” making it an inauspicious gift choice.

Examples of Astrological Beliefs and Symbolism:

  1. Planetary Influence: Astrologers believe that each planet exerts a specific influence on different aspects of life. The movement of celestial bodies can affect the energy of objects, including watches and clocks, potentially influencing the recipient’s life in unexpected ways.
  2. Birth Charts: Astrological birth charts are created based on the date, time, and location of a person’s birth. The positions of planets at the time of birth are believed to shape an individual’s personality, behavior, and destiny. Gifting a watch or clock may interfere with the delicate cosmic balance represented in a person’s birth chart.
  3. Sun and Moon: Watches and clocks often represent the Sun and Moon, celestial bodies with significant astrological significance. The Sun is associated with life, vitality, and ego, while the Moon represents emotions and intuition. Gifting these timekeeping devices could affect the Sun-Moon balance in the recipient’s life.

Astrology, with its deep-rooted beliefs and symbolism, has a substantial influence on how people perceive gifts and their potential impact on recipients’ lives. While watches and clocks hold immense importance in human life as functional and fashionable accessories, astrology advises caution when giving them as gifts. The symbolism associated with time, the energy of constant movement, and cultural beliefs surrounding these timekeeping devices have led to astrological caution about their suitability as gifts. Instead, one may consider gifting items that symbolize positivity, good luck, and auspiciousness, aligning with the recipient’s astrological influences for a more meaningful and harmonious gesture.