7 Gifts That Must Not Be Given as per Vastu Shastra

vastu shastra gifts

While the effects of Vastu Shastra are subjective and may vary from person to person, many individuals believe that adhering to Vastu principles in their living spaces can create a conducive environment for luck, positivity, and charm. It is important to note that Vastu Shastra is not a guarantee of success or luck, but rather a practice that aims to create an environment that supports well-being and positive energy flow.

It’s important to note that while the energy of gifts can influence the recipient’s home and well-being, individual beliefs and perspectives play a significant role in how this energy is perceived and experienced. Some individuals may be more sensitive to the energy of objects, while others may not notice a noticeable impact. Ultimately, the intention behind the gift, the emotional connection it creates, and its alignment with Vastu principles can contribute to the overall energy and ambiance of the recipient’s living space.

  • Energy Balance: Vastu Shastra focuses on achieving a harmonious balance of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – within a living space. When these elements are in balance, it is believed to create a positive and vibrant energy flow. This balanced energy can influence various aspects of a person’s life, including health, relationships, career, and overall well-being.
  • Positive Vibrations: Vastu Shastra emphasizes the significance of positive vibrations in a living space. By aligning the placement of objects, furniture, and decor items according to Vastu principles, it is believed that the positive vibrations of these elements can enhance the energy flow and attract favorable circumstances and opportunities. This can contribute to a sense of luck and positivity in one’s life.
  • Enhancing Prosperity: Vastu Shastra also addresses the importance of wealth and prosperity. By adhering to Vastu guidelines, it is believed that the energy flow can be optimized to attract abundance and financial well-being. For example, the proper placement of a home’s entrance, bedroom, and workplace can stimulate the flow of positive energy, which may positively impact financial opportunities and success.
  • Emotional Well-being: Vastu Shastra recognizes the impact of one’s environment on emotional well-being. A well-designed and balanced living space is believed to promote a sense of peace, harmony, and happiness. By eliminating negative energy and creating a positive environment, Vastu Shastra can contribute to emotional well-being, which, in turn, can bring a sense of luck and charm into a person’s life.
  • Serenity and Spirituality: Vastu Shastra also incorporates spiritual elements. By incorporating spaces dedicated to meditation, prayer, or spiritual practices, it is believed that one can connect with higher energies and experience a deeper sense of peace and serenity. This spiritual alignment can bring a sense of inner harmony, which is often associated with attracting positive experiences and opportunities.

Below gifts must not be given as per vastu shastra

1. Broken or damaged items: Avoid gifting broken or damaged items as they are believed to carry negative energy. In Vastu Shastra, such objects are considered inauspicious and can disrupt the positive energy flow in the recipient’s home.

2. Clocks and watches: According to Vastu Shastra, gifting clocks and watches implies that time is running out or represents delays and limitations. These connotations can introduce negative energy into the recipient’s life and hinder progress or growth.

3. Sharp objects: Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, or weapons should be avoided as gifts. Vastu Shastra associates sharp objects with negative energy and potential conflicts. Gifting such items can symbolize cutting or harming relationships, leading to disharmony and negativity.

4. Cacti and thorny plants: Vastu Shastra discourages gifting cacti or plants with thorns. Thorns are believed to emit negative energy and can disrupt the positive flow of energy in a home. Instead, choose plants and flowers that are considered auspicious and promote positive energy.

5. Mirrors: Mirrors are believed to reflect and multiply energy, both positive and negative. Gifting mirrors can potentially magnify any existing negative energy in the recipient’s home. It is advisable to avoid mirrors as gifts to maintain a harmonious energy flow.

6. Black-colored items: Vastu Shastra associates black color with negativity and sorrow. Gifting black-colored items may introduce negative energy into the recipient’s living space and affect their emotional well-being. Choose vibrant and uplifting colors instead to promote positivity.

7. Leather products: Vastu Shastra discourages the use of leather due to its association with animal cruelty and negativity. Gifting leather products may introduce negative energy into the recipient’s home and go against the principles of compassion and harmony.

By carefully selecting Vastu-compliant gifts that align with positive energy principles, you have the opportunity to enhance the recipient’s living space, foster a harmonious environment, and contribute to their overall well-being. These thoughtful gifts have the potential to bring positive vibrations, luck, and charm into their life, creating an atmosphere of positivity, prosperity, and happiness.

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