Get a Splendid Look with Graceful Diamond Nose Rings

diamond nose ring

Piercings are the oldest body art form practiced over the ages by people apart from tattooing. Nose piercings were initially an eastern custom when diamond nose rings were a part and parcel of life. The custom of nose piercing spread over the years to their western counterparts. A nose piercing can look gorgeous when the right jewelry sits on it.

Some jewelers can provide you with customized handmade nose rings that can only add to your beauty whereas many others can try purchasing the readymade ones from the available shops and jewelry houses.

A lot depends on different factors that contribute to your beauty when you adorn that dazzling diamond nose ring on yourself.

⦁          The shape of your nose is a primary factor that will impact the right size of your diamond nose ring.

⦁          The thickness of the piercing barbell will have a lot to do with your diamond nose ring shape. The thicker the barbell, the grander can be the design of your diamond nose rings.

⦁          The nose ring style you prefer versus the right style for your nose is essential to note.

Primarily they are available in the forms of a bone, twist, L-post, and pin. There are other uncommon shapes too and you may want to explore all before you decide on the right one that suits you best.

⦁          The kind of diamond you want will also impact the size and shape of your diamond nose ring. For a diamond with I2 to I3 inclusions the sparkle might be less. In such cases, jewelers prefer a different design from the ones they would choose for the VS1 and SI1 inclusions that have the optimum sparkle.

⦁          The metal of your diamond nose ring might not be an essential contributor but still, it might add to the effect.

⦁          Even the stone setting can add up. With dome and cone bezel settings, the nose ring might sit smoothly on your nose and thus prevents a bulkier look on your face.

The best way to choose your diamond nose ring is to go with the shape of your face.

Nose pins look good on every kind of nose and the broader your nose is, you can go for a bigger stone.

⦁          Elongated faces that taper towards the end – try a segmented diamond nose ring

⦁          Long faces – Go for the beaded ones with a diamond at the center

⦁          Round face – Half diamond nose rings can have a chiseling effect on the face

⦁          Heart-shaped faces – Go for a big nose ring with a diamond on the outer edge of your ring.

⦁          Square face shapes – The ones with square faces can stick to nose studs and pins.

If you go for diamond nose rings, follow the rules for that ethereal look and shine that can brighten your face with a sparkling daze.

Diamond nose rings are very much a vogue. Accessible in various styles and plans – a jewel nose ring can improve your character. Whether you like little rings or bolder ones – you can take your pick from the moving plan choices.

The main thing you want to consider is the right fit, and obviously, your own decision. The greatest aspect of a jewel nose ring is – you can redo it as indicated by your dress style.

1. Diamond blossom nose ring

Bloom plan ideas in precious stone gems are not new. What’s happening – is consolidating the blossom plan in the nose ring style. The jewel-like petals sparkle and that will clearly upgrade your character.

The ring style is set in 14 K yellow gold and is without nickel. The blossom configuration is little, so it sits pretty on your nose and doesn’t eclipse your facial highlights. Plus, the ring highlights a turned style – so it is agreeable. This super jewel bloom nose ring is accessible in various sizes, and you can take your pick.

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2. Sapphire and precious stone gold nose ring

The nose ring is ideally suited for party events and sits pretty on your nose. The style is set in 14 K yellow gold and is total without nickel. The exemplary magnificence of the jewel mixes well with the sapphire stone giving it an engaging appeal.

The ring style includes a bone style and is super agreeable. Plus, it accompanies custom estimating choices alongside prongs. Likewise, you can decide to modify the nose ring style. The ring style looks so alluring – that it will certainly turn into your #1 quickly.

3. Bow moon jewel nose ring

The Bow nose ring style looks unconventional as well as various. The plain jewel nose ring looks great, yet this style looks charming. The nose ring style suits each event – be it a party or a relaxed event. The nose ring is set in 14K yellow gold metal and elements-certified jewels.

The ring style is accessible in yellow, white, and rose gold metal, which gives you a decent decision. Additionally, you can look over changed estimating choices accessible in the nose ring. As it is inside strung – you won’t feel awkward. What’s more, it is accessible in stud style.

4. Lightning bolt precious stone stud

This uncommon style of jewel stud will get you heaps of praise. The style is set in 14K yellow gold and is inside strung. The style highlights seven precious stones, which enlightens an alternate brilliance.

Likewise, you can get an ideal size as indicated by your decision. The stud includes a prong-type setting. Assuming you like different nose ring styles – you should purchase this one.

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