How To Choose A Beautiful Diamond Ring For Your Engagement

Engagement Ring

Are you considering propose a married woman of your dream? To get engaged, you need to find the most beautiful engagement ring. Every woman secretly imagines having the most beautiful engagement ring in existence. But generally, women sometimes leave you clues to guide their choice, color, shape, size, style during your exchanges to make your task easier.

Symbol of commitment, the engagement ring is the ultimate promise that announces the marriage between two people. The majority of women still attach great importance to it. However, offering an engagement ring has a symbolic dimension much more important than any other jewellery. While choosing it, we try to ensure that it translates as clearly as possible the feeling, emotions and the message we wish to convey.

Before you start looking for the ideal ring, you have to determine what message you want to convey. Indeed, according to tradition, not all rings have the same significance.

Engagement Ring
  1. Rings for all styles:  Traditional/ Contemporary/ Original/ Minimalist.
  2. Rings designed with precious material

For gemstone: Diamond/ Sapphire/ Ruby/ Aquamarine/ Peridot/ Rose quartz/ Citrine/ Amethysm/ Tanzanite/ The emerald/ Tourmaline.

For Metal: Platinum/Gold (White, Yellow or Pink)/Silver.

In terms of assembly, there are three traditional shapes for these rings:

  • The Solitaire: The most popular model, this is a ring set with a precious stone. It is the classic and timeless ring par excellence.
  • The Shouldered Solitaire: A model based on that of the simple Solitaire to which many small precious stones are added.
  • The Trilogy: A model on which the ring is set with three generally similar gemstones.

Other models of more original rings exist and are intended for people wishing to move away from conventional codes. For example, the flower ring, the ring set with a cultured pearl, or the message ring, on which a word or a quote is inscribed.

Which Gemstone/ Diamonds to choose?

Each stone has its symbolism, its color. The diamond has traditionally been the benchmark stone for engagement rings, but it is also the most expensive and depends on the personality and taste of your sweetheart.

The Diamond symbol of eternal love

In the kingdom of the engagement ring, the diamond is King. It evokes eternity and purity. More resistance than other precious stones, its shine fascinates everyone. To choose a proper diamond, you must know the four fundamental criteria that determine its value.

 We are talking about the 4C’s such as Carat, Color, Cut and Purity.

1) The weight of the diamond in Carat:

The greater the weight, the more expensive it is. The choice of the weight of your diamond should be influenced by the size of your finger, the desired style but also budget.

2) Diamond Cut: Many people believe that a diamond shines naturally, but it is the cut that makes the diamond shine more or less. The certificates provide a lot of information on the size of the diamond (proportions, polishing of the facets and symmetry).

3) The Color of Diamond: The intensity of the diamond’s color varies. The more intense a diamond is, the rarer and more expensive it is as for the white diamond (D) and those tinted with yellow (M). The best white diamonds are diamonds with a color grade of D, E or F then comes G or H diamonds. The most marketed are H, I or J color diamonds for their affordable price despite their slightly yellow tint. 

4) The purity of stone: You can easily see the impurities of a diamond when it is large. When choosing your ring diamond, avoid purities noted SI Or pique purities (P1, P2, P3, P4). The impurities present in a diamond decrease its brilliance, preferably choose diamond of clarity classified from 1F to VS2.

A colored engagement ring

Color can add a touch of originality and more sparkle to your ring. By choosing your fiancée’s favorite color, your ring is sure to please her. By playing on the colors, you can offer a unique ring.

Other precious Gemstone/Diamonds may seduce you:

  • Aquamarine: symbol of courage and loyalty (Blue). 
  • Peridot: Symbol of life and prosperity (Green).
  • Rose Quartz: Symbol of love and gentleness (Baby pink).
  • Citrine: Symbolizes optimism, wealth and openness (Yellow Diamond). 
  • Ruby: Sparkling (red) ruby is generally associated with passion (Red Diamond).
  • Sapphire: Symbol of peace and happiness (Orange Diamond).
  • Amethyst: Creates clarity in thoughts and helps to achieve wisdom (Purple Diamond).
  • Tanzanite: Synonymous with good fortune (Royal blue, indigo, violet/purple).
  • The emerald: Symbol of fertility and balance (Green).
  • Tourmaline: A stone of thousand colors that attracts inspiration and strengthens both body and mind (Black diamond). 

Which Metal To Choose?

A platinum ring is the most precious ring available. It was once favoured the most because it was synonymous with eternity today. Gold is the most popular type of jewellery. You can wear your choice on a white, yellow or pink gold ring. The silver ring is made of more affordable precious metal. Finally, you can choose titanium or a steel ring or a zirconium ring which are less desirable metals but have the advantages of being more resistant and therefore more suitable for daily wear.

How to choose the right size?

For those who wish to preserve the effect of surprise, the size is necessarily a sensitive issue before acquiring the ring. The most common way to remedy this problem is to discreetly borrow a ring belonging to your partner and have it measured by going to a jewellery store. Once you have the dimensions in your possession, all you have to do is order from your favourite merchant.

Whatever model of ring you are looking for and whatever the amount of budget, turn to the trusted partner to acquire your ideal engagement ring with confidence.

Key Takeaway

Each person has their own taste and definition of the most beautiful rings. To immortalize your engagement, a sober ring adorned with a brilliant diamond is a timeless one. simple but elegant in beauty, the romantic ring is the delight of many women. An original ring allows you to stand out and send a message. For example, you can put the word “yes” on the ring. You can also adorn it with precious stones to add elegance.